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Seach Engine Submission

Search engine submission is the most advanced web promotion software in the world. Search engine submission uses straightforward, honest and dependable techniques to help your website achieve better search engine rankings. Search engine submission can analyze your web page in a matter of seconds and do all of the following: Point out duplicated and unrelated keywords in your metatags.

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AceBot Metatag Generator

Take the mystery out of making meta tags. Never mess with html source code again. AceBot Meta Tag Generator creates and edits your tags right on your website! Tag Editor - "Build unlimited sets of meta tags for any number of domains in one simple form selecting only the tags you want to use for each set created." Tag Viewer - "View raw meta tags as they are being made in brilliant color highlighting" Tag Applicator - "Insert you created meta tags right into html documents without any knowledge of html the Applicator removes your old tags and inserts the new ones for you in one simple step." Tag Uploader - "Upload your html documents to your website with ease or have the the ftp uploader insert the meta tag right on the website with one click no need to download and re-upload, meta tags can now be changed in seconds." Tag Report - "Generate reports for your website or a friends website analyzing your meta tags which will generate a report that will show warnings and hints on how affective your meta tags are in your page also giving hints on how to improve the meta tags according to your page body. Send the report in an email with the built in report mailer, just enter the recipients email and send its that easy

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iSeekTraffic Pro

iSeekTraffic greatly simplifies the submission of your site to over 150,000+ search engines, directories and links pages in our database. With the ability to click on the links for proof your being listed!!! Automatic Doorway Page Generator! - For the serious Internet Marketer. It will automatically create pages that are optimized for improved results on the search engines and directories. Web Position Analyzer! - Find out exactly where you are listed in the TOP Search Engines and Directories based upon a keyword entered. Note: Registration costs $99.95. You are limited to 50 sites in the unregistered version.

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RankMeter (formely Advanced Site Position) is a software designed to locate web-sites positions in search engines. RankMeter supports two modes of operation: you can find out position of one site using several sets of search phrases or, vice versa, you can find out positions of several sites using one search phrase. In both modes, search depth is unlimited. Program work with 336 search engines from 37 countries, including USA, Cannadian, Irish, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chilie, Estonian, Latvian, Czech, Icelandic, Israeli, Indian, Argentine, Bulgarian, Dutch, English, Finnish, Brasilian, Portuguese, Chinese, Taiwan, Hong-Kong and other search engines. With RankMeter you'll get not only your site positions, you'll get a lot of additinal information: how many pages was returned by engine for your keywords, number of page with your site, position on the page with your site, list of top URLs. Also, you'll able to generate reports to publish results on the Web or analyze it in spreadsheet.

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RankSpy is the first software in the world designed for indirect assessment of site indexation in search engines, for revealing unindexed pages, and for creating a list of pages that contain links to your site. RankSpy can extract from search engines the following link sets for any specified domain: - List of your site pages indexed by search engines. - List of pages that contain links to your site. RankSpy work with search engines from 20 countries! The lists are extracted using special commands of a search engine. For example, AltaVista retrieves the first list on the command "host", and the second one on the command "link". Example: RankSpy retrieves the valuable marketing information. No other software will provide you with this type of report on indexation level of your site. This information, together with information on the sire position relative to certain key phrases will give you comprehensive idea of your site indexation level, will help you to assess the results of your site registration in search engines, to reveal registration mistakes and faults.

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The basic principle of website promotion is "Promote it! Promote it! And Promote it!" The more frequently your website information appears on Internet, the higher is the probability that customers find your website through these links. To boost your own links continuously, you have to submit your website URL to search engines, exchange links with other websites and post messages on commercial message board. But it's quite time and cost-consuming to carry out such web promotion with manpower, and usually inefficient. A-SUBMITROBO is such a convenient tool that it is designed to send the same message in huge quantity to commercial message boards, link sets and forums. With a simple setup, A-SUBMITROBO will automatically submit your pending messages to specified websites.

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Hello Engines! Professional

Hello Engines! is a multiple awarded software product to increase traffic on your website! Hello Engines! submits your website correctly and reliably from your own PC to all important search engines and directories. This ensures that Internet users really have a chance to find you on the Internet. The Professional version also includes ranking analysis, multiple submissions, editor for the search service database, etc. Hello Engines! offers the following: -Reliable submission of your website to all major German and international spider engines and directories. -Automatic multiple submissions of websites. Register an unlimited number of websites at several search engines with just a few mouse clicks! -Ranking analysis: find out how your website is ranked at search engines. -Editor for the search service database: extend the Hello Engines! database of search engines! -Meta tag generator to quickly and easily include meta tags in your website. -User-friendly submission assistant: includes integrated browser and function for filling in forms automatically -Result checking: detailed status reports and saved reply pages of the search engines help you to check the submission of your website. -A number of additional features guarantee outstanding cost effectiveness: Link checker, HTML checker, code shrinker, load time checker, link popularity, HTML editor with syntax display highlights, import of characteristic data from online forms, pre-submission check, update manager and many more. Test winner in HOMEPAGE MAGAZIN, INTERNET MAGAZIN, INTERNET PROFESSIONELL and other specialist journals!

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Hello Engines! Standard

The web promotion software Hello Engines! submits your website correctly and reliably to almost all important search engines and web directories (i.e. AltaVista, Lycos, Excite, Yahoo, Google) worldwide. Your website is submitted to top quality search services, which ensures that Internet user will find you on the Internet and traffic on your website increases. The standard edition includes several tools. Hello Engines! provides the following new functions: - New Submission assistant: now includes integrated browser and auto-fill of search service forms. - Website check: Click Site Checker to ensure that your website is really "ready" and error-free before submission! - New and optimized Meta Tag Generator. - Drag and Drop of meta tags in HTML files. - Reading meta tags online from websites. - History of submission: Every project saves all submissions you have made to a search engine. - New status reports. - Auto-fill for fields. - Numerous new functions and optimizations Awards of Hello Engines! Test winner in HOMEPAGE MAGAZIN, INTERNET MAGAZIN, INTERNET PROFESSIONELL and other specialist journals!

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Whether for home or for work, LinkSurvey is a fully-loaded link popularity tool that is a must for any Webmaster. Just enter in the Website(s) for which you want to check the link popularity, and hit the start button. Immediately, LinkSurvey sends a query out to many popular search engines and displays the results in a table format. From there, you can use the built-in, multi-tabbed Web browser to check out the Web sites that have linked to the site in question. This is a great way to meet new Web friends, or, if you run a business, a great way to see who's linking to your competitors' sites. LinkSurvey will also let you export your results to a text, HTML, or Excel file for easier review.

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Azooq Doorway Page Creator

Azooq DPG Creates Optimized Search Engine Doorway Pages using keywords for optimal placement. Create unlimited: companies, projects, search engines, keywords and templates to consistenly generate top ranking doorway web pages. Keyword grouping enables developers to focus pages on keword segments; use custom templates; multi-project capability divide and define clear dooway projects; target specific search engines. Our upload capability updates web sites with single or multiple projects with the click of a button; linked keyword files are created for every doorway project enabling developers to submit these files as linked cross reference file for search engines to spider the web, which in turn eliminates chances of spam.

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