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Doulber Gold

Prepare yourself. He?s purple. He?s proud and he?s ready to fight the enemy. The hungry bug from deep down in the ground is here. Forget that you can?t pronounce his name or you?re not sure what kind of bug he is. (He claims to be an ant but we?ve never seen one with flippers). He doesn?t mind what you think of him. His mission in life is to find a partner (like you!) to team up with him and take a colossal voyage. With Doulber (that?s DOOL-bur by the way), you?ll travel to 6 worlds, over 130 caves, secret spaces and puzzling places. You?ll encounter rats that are sneaking around to get you; you?ll have to dodge some creepy crawly creatures; you?ll break through walls and rocks using bombs you?ve collected. But best of all, you?ll help find Doulber?s favorite gems: diamonds. He digs them to a great degree, and might even consider them his best friends--but he?s not as superficial as he sounds. Because Doulber is quite a spiritual bug, and meditates quite often. Also, buried in his deepest desires, is a craving for the adventures that lead him to the troves of treasure. This thrill seeker hungers for escapades that include danger, intrigue, crushing avalanches, blazing lava, some bombs here and there, and of course: you. Take on the Doulber Gold challenge and you?ll get: ? 6 Worlds: Maya, Ice, Jungle, Space, Circus and Metal ? 100 Levels of Doulber Gold FUN ? More than 30 secret and puzzle levels ? Cool visual effects, animation, music and sound effects ? Free hints, level solutions and game support from Phelios and their forums ? Free upgrades ? Wide selection of levels and Variety of Game Play ? Family entertainment ? from kids to the most clever adults ? Hours of fun-filled time playing Doulber Gold ? See the Doulber Gold Trailer here:

cute family violent great boulder dash platform addictive levels fun dig


Prepare your little ones to feel like the VIPs they are, when playing Lua Lua games! It?s a particularly pleasing pack of 7 games for kids ages 3 to 7. Designed for easy play using a ?win win? concept, Lua Lua includes cute and cuddly animals that playfully invite your kids to take part in 4 fun-filled games: ?Soopa Koopa,? a puzzle; ?Thinky Thinky,? a memory game; ?Catch-a-Match,? a matching pairs game; and, ?La La Land,? a musical phrase game...

kid cute dog animal violent educate educationnal little kids will feel

PuffCamp (War of the PuffBalls)

PuffCamp is a combination action and puzzle game! Explore an intricately-crafted island as you try to assemble complex keycards, rescue POW's (Puffballs of War), and locate the control room to shut down the island's protective shield! Kill enemy Puffballs and use their superweapons to turn more baddies into scattering chunks of mush! While the action side offers smoothly-animated blood and gore, the keycard side boasts a stencil-driven set of puzzles, cut uniquely for each game, so that you never have to face the same puzzles twice! Plus, you can choose from 4 different stencil sets, varying from Baby to Elaborate, combined with different difficulty levels which affect both enemies and puzzles. The malevolence will thrill you! The keycards will challenge you! If you don't watch out, your brain might just melt into a frothy paste, like the Puffballs you're trying to destroy... Can you liberate the PuffCamp? (password-protected kid-safe option available, too)

puffballs action shootemup shooter blood guts gore violence violent kid kids

Chronicles of Whiteshadow Isle

Prince Shawn of Whiteshadow Isle had always led a sheltered life. His father, King Luke, and stepfather, King Brett, had always tried to make sure that when he took over the throne of Whiteshadow Isle, he was unaffected by the commoner world around him. On his fifteenth birthday, in keeping with the traditions of the kingdom, Shawn was obliged to choose a boy who would rule beside him, when his time came to ascend to the throne. However, instead of choosing one of the hundreds of lads who came to the palace that day, he chose a young beggar, Carter, who had snuck in. Soon after that, the women of the New Grasbey Republic declared war on Whiteshadow Isle, and Shawn finally learned the truth about the violent history between the men and the women, and their subsequent segregation from each other. At least, he thinks it's the truth....

ebook e-book literature fiction fantasy fantasy e-book about different reality

Seven, Out

A drama about a late middle aged, self absorbed, misogynist, small time, gambler, whose current passion is craps shooting. He goes to Las Vegas in an attempt to realize his dream of becoming a "heavy hitter", a big time bettor. There he gets involved with a vice boss, her henchman who's scheming to take her place, his call girl cohort and an old associate of his, from back home, who was formerly a petty criminal but who is now a born again Christian. The protagonist is brought face to face with his frailties as the story ends with a series of violent acts, surrounding he theft of five million dollars from the vice lords.

e-books e-dition ebook gambling casino gambler craps races racing horse roulette

Corndog - the sinister serial screensaver

Ever wonder what happens when meat goes bad? Introducing Corndog-the sinister serial screensaver. This screensaver chronicles the adventures of its hero - Corndog - and the terror that he reaps wherever he goes. You'll laugh at his adventures, and fear his temper, be it a day at the carnival, or his encounter with a school bus. Corndog uses PowerPlug technology to automatically download new episodes directly to your computer via the Internet. This version is free to use forever. Because of the free license, it does periodically display ads for the company that made it, including promos for an entirely optional, enhanced pay-for version. The full version automatically gives you all current and future episodes of Corndog. WARNING: The content of this screensaver may not be suitable for all viewers. It depicts some violent situations and off-color humor. So, if you dont like it, go back to weeping at weddings.

corn dog corndog riss screen saver ever wonder happens mystery meat


RetroSphere is a fast, action packed and fun arcade style game inspired by Trailblazer from the early 80s. The object of the game is simple, guide your ball down the track to the finish line as quickly as possible. Sounds easy enough but be careful as there are many holes and obstacles that may hinder your progress. One last thing, do not fall off else your entropy will be maximised. Full version contains... 32 levels of z plane madness! 24 different track tile types! 20 cool, original, CD quality tunes! 1 and 2 player game modes! Practice mode, ability to turn off specific track tile types and allows you to play any track (even your own)! Fully featured custom level editor so you can design and play you own tracks! Beautiful lush DirectX graphics with amazing special effects including eye candy particle engine! Fully configurable video, audio, controls! Supports resolutions right up to 1792x1344 in glorious 32 bit colour with anti aliasing! Full screen and windowed mode! High score table! Non violent and fun for all ages! Install, uninstall support! Lifetime technical support! Free updates for life! (Track, music expansion packs out soon) Warm satisfaction that you are supporting an independant software developer!

fast fun retro arcade game trailblazer retrosphere fast action packed fun arcade

Herald Angels

This collection of original poetry contains the following titles: 2001 03 05 Erase You 2001 03 05 Tap the Pin 2001 03 05 The Chain Gang 2001 03 05 when I know you 2001 05 09 All the Wide World Round 2001 05 09 and I had the time 2001 05 09 Days to Come 2001 05 09 Metronome 2001 05 09 Of Day and of Night 2001 05 09 Some Foul Monster Purged 2001 05 09 The End of the World 2001 05 09 Your Boogie Man Runs 2001 05 24 Stay Away 2001 05 29 I Am Death 2001 05 29 Rushes 2001 06 05 Behind the Gun 2001 06 05 Borrowed Soul 2001 06 05 Climb to the Top 2001 06 05 Damn You 2001 06 05 God You 2001 06 05 Iron Works 2001 06 05 Mad Your Way 2001 06 05 Make Melieve Tea 2001 06 05 Shadows Flood 2001 06 05 That a Deep Cut 2001 06 05 The Despising Eyes of Rome 2001 06 05 To the Point 2001 06 05 Unreal 2001 06 05 Wake Bitch 2001 06 05 You Down to Hell 2001 09 06 disaster come calling 2001 09 06 Forget Me Forget Me 2001 09 06 He Could Not Be Saved 2001 09 06 Redeemed 2001 09 06 Small Holes 2001 10 19 A Happy Way to Go 2001 12 08 You That Would Not Dance 2001 12 13 Gone Missing 2001 12 19 First and Last Seen 2001 12 19 Quick On Your Feet 2002 02 14 Drab Coattails of Logic 2002 02 14 Soldiers Slain 2002 06 14 Hiding 2002 06 19 Because God Is Good 2002 09 11 Deliver Lies 2002 09 13 Gushing Red 2002 09 13 Worship Certain 2002 09 15 Bloody Murder 2002 09 15 Breathe You Deep 2002 09 15 Judge I Die 2002 10 10 Of War 2002 10 10 Shade Our Names 2002 10 10 You That Diminishes 2002 10 22 As Memorable 2002 10 22 On Adpolph 2002 10 22 Somehow Shine 2002 10 22 The Smoker 2002 11 22 Anothers Fears 2002 11 22 Chapters By the Score 2002 11 22 Fuel the Machine 2002 11 22 Misfit Among You 2002 11 22 Red Is the Color of Blood 2002 11 22 So Bloody Quick 2003 01 28 Endless Death 2003 01 28 Five Minute Head Shake 2003 01 28 My Pace 2003 01 28 Small Black Spots 2003 01 28 Violent Wet 2003 01 28 Your Fingertips 2003 03 07 Godless Stinking Dep

free e-book e-book poetry novel short story online e-book original novels short stories poetry

Climbers of Fortune

ultra-violent tv-gameshow participate most violent tv-gameshow climbers fortune

Online Assistant

Online Assistant is your computer assistant.It include three main parts that Trace Cleaner,Repair expert and Tools&Menu. Trace Cleaner can completely clean your trace in your computer to protect your privacy. It clean some unwanted files,IE's cache,histor and information to improve your computer performance. Repair expert can solve many problem with your Internet Explorer and Windows. The problem is caused by web site violent code. Tools&Menu let you custom your Internet Explorer Mouse Right-Button Extend Menu and Extend Tools items. Online Assistant is easy to use and look very nice.

protect privacy repair internet explorer repair windows clean tracks unwanted files ies cache history temporary

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