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You can know exactly the live and dead volumes of your design of a bulk storage installation consisting of unlimited placement of material, withdrawal points, walls, slopes and grades. You will be able to show visual validation of results with presentation grade graphics. Results are stored for quick recall and multiple documents hold trial designs allowing for optimizing the storage design. Placement of material can be any combination of single point, linear, or radial stackers You can translate all terms into your language and have the new dialect show automatically. You can have the output results in a different language.

bulk storage shipping terminals leach bins transshipment stockpiling shiploading stacking spreading get exact


BeFaster is a connection speed up toolkit with some powerful tools. It supports AOL, Symantec PcAnyWhere, IE, Opera, Dial-up modem, Lan, Cable Modem, xDSL, ISDN, T1, DirecPc and Cable/DSL running PPPoE. Manual or Automatic optimization. Multi-language support. It will improve your online/network gaming speed. Super-Ping Tool prevents connection drops and Ping Now Function awakes suspended modems. Share your custom settings with Records Function.

befaster optimize modem speed registry cable dsl satellite modem cable direcpc isdn t1 fast


AuctionSleuth is NOT just a search tool. AuctionSleuth identifies auction bargains while spending very little time actually monitoring auction sites. AuctionSleuth saves you time and effort when dealing with End of Auction items, and points out just listed Buy it Now items that you would have to really work hard to find by yourself. AuctionSleuth also includes Snipe biding and works Internationally.

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MahJongg Solitaire

Combines the best of the ancient game of mah jongg tiles with solitaire to form a new exciting game.

mahjong mah jongg mahjongg mah jong combines best mah jongg tiles solitaire one game

Oxygen Phone Manager II

Oxygen Phone Manager II lets your PC and Nokia mobile phone communicate with each other using Infrared, Bluetooth, DLR-3 cable, DAU-9P compatible cable in FBUS mode or DKU-5 (Pop-Port) cable and gives you the access to your phone's data. You are able to download the data from your phone, edit it as needed and upload it back to the phone. As well you are able to transfer your data to another compatible phone or simply save everything in the PC.

nokia mobile phone phonebook calendar images melodies messages midi profiles logo editor operator logo sms mms


ClientIPForwarder is a simple ISAPI plug-in for Microsoft ISA server using pass-through technology to control incomming requests on Microsoft ISA server. It modifies http(s) request header and adds variable IPREMOTEADDR containing client IP address to it. It also can map http server variables into your own variables in http header.

isa server filter isa server isapi filter plug-in http header request remote ip address servervariables ipremoteadrr remote_addr remote_host firewall proxy webproxy remote_ip

AIM Log Manager

This is a unique and powerful tool to log, organize, manipulate and analyze your AOL Instant Messenger conversations and AIM buddy events

nalsoft software aim log manager aimlogger analyze conversations away message im logging monitoring recording instant message

Monitor & Free RAM

Utility to monitor and free unused RAM. RAM Optimizer speeds up your computer system and helps prevent crashes by freeing unused RAM. If you use a computer on a regular basis and run more than one program at a sitting, it's very likely that you will benefit from the use of a RAM optimizer, especially if you experience slowdowns or crashes.

ram release free optimize optimizer monitor defrag utility monitor free unused ram speed pc

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