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TotoCalculator 2 for Linux Software

TotoCalculator 2 for Linux Screenshot

TotoCalculator 2 for Linux

Improve your chances to win on the soccer betting games Toto, Lotofoot... This tool calculates the optimal distribution of the tips on your tickets by supplying lines that have - each line compared with all other lines - a minimum of common tips. The resulting distribution also yields a well-balanced ratio of likely and unlikely tips. You can specify the exact chance for every result ranging from 0.0% to 100.0% or use odds from bookies.

Released by: Christian Sturmlechner
Date: 3/20/2004
Version: 2.10d
File Size: 1.62 MB
Price: $ 15
Supported OS: Linux
Keywords: totocalculator toto lotofoot totocalcio totobola lotosportif totogola soccer football lottery lotto loto improve chances win soccer betting games toto lotofoot

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