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tApCalc Financial tape calculator(Palm) Software

tApCalc Financial tape calculator(Palm) Screenshot

tApCalc Financial tape calculator(Palm)

tApCalc Financial is a handy financial calculator for Palm. It contains 25 most commonly used financial function keys as found in electronic calculators like HP-12C. These can be used to calculate Time Value of Money, Discounted Cash Flow, Depreciation, Bond Price/YTM calculation. It contains all standard calculator keys, memory keys, and a tape that can be saved, loaded, edited, rerun, printed and beamed without reentering all data again.

Released by: Softtrends Software Pvt Ltd
Date: 11/20/2002
Version: 1.00
File Size: 560 KB
Price: $ 9.95
Supported OS: Palm OS 3.2
Keywords: financial calculator finance accounting calculator tapcalc cpa financial calculator programmable paper tape

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