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Master Mind

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Mihov Mail Sender

Mihov Mail Sender sends the same e-mail message to more people from your address book - but it displays only their name as recipient, so they will think this mail is ment only for them. You can send message as text or HTML formatted e-mail and you can add your own attachments to the message. The program uses your normal SMTP mail server for sending messages and does not require an additional server. It comes in very handy for keeping privacy.

batch one click quick useful send mail email e-mail multiple more a lot spam bulk

Christmas Doves

Christmas Doves is an animated screen saver that displays beautiful scenic Holiday images while animated Doves fly over each scene. Several background Holiday music arrangements accompany the screen saver. Several features are available to customize the screen saver including the ability to use your own pictures and sounds - add your own captions - animation settings - wallpaper and more! Requires 16-bit color graphics (or higher).

christmas screen saver holiday screen saver animated flying doves stunning holiday images


As you play the game, new rows of coloured blocks are added to the bottom of the pile, making it grow taller. Your task is to hunt out and click on groups of three or more touching tiles of the same colour. If you do, they are removed from the pile, causing the blocks above them to fall down. Can you keep up with the non stop action? As you progress, new blocks become available, including multicoloured blocks, and even explosives!

game demo puzzle fun block tile tetris original blocks tiles shapes remove groups coloured

ShadowUser Pro

ShadowUser provides a safe computing environment by creating a virtual twin of your PC. Place your PC in ShadowMode and surf the internet without a trace of unwanted cookies, history, temporary files, spam applications or spyware. Instantly undo accidental or malicious changes to your PC. Safely test system and application updates before saving those changes. Save changes to specific file, folders or an entire ShadowMode session.

cyber junk internet protection antivirus disk systems management backup data protection disaster prevention disaster recovery patch management snapshot spyware system utilities security file blockers


Punishment is a party game for adults. It's like a game of strip poker but with surprises, rewards and punishments thrown in. Players take turns drawing a playing card from the deck. A player who fails to turn up an appropriate card selects between choices that include: (a) removing a piece of clothing; (b) taking a punishment; and (c) taking a reward. Play continues until one or all players are naked. What happens next is up to you!

strip poker strippoker party game strip adult adults punishment strip poker but rewards punishments thrown


AcuteNotes is a handy software for writing and organizing notes in a simple and convenient way. Whether you want to structure a paper, organize information at work, or just keep track of your daily quick notes, this is the software you need. AcuteNotes has a simple interface with a set of styles for structuring your text. The notes can be organized in a hierarchical tree and you can work on several notes at the same time, as if they were one.

acutenotes note editor note organizer personal information manager shareware post-it tree structure utility tool distribution submission acutenotes handy software

KissHTML Editor

Keep It Simple Software or (Keep it Simple Stupid) HTML editor uses the KISS model, KissHTML is an ideal editor for the beginner to the professional web designer. KissHTML was designed with a simple to use straight forward user interface * Synchronized Editor/Viewer, * Double click HTML Tag editing, * Auto completion Code, * Customisable Tags and Attributes, * Syntax Highlighting, * Spell Checker, * Print Preview (Source and HTML)

kisshtml flexed html web editor php asp javascript css easy text virtual wysiwyg based html

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