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Prime Derivatives

This attractive, handy little prime number calculator takes any number up to twenty digits, and then factorizes all the unique prime numbers that evenly divide into the number that was entered into the field. It's small enough to neatly fit in the corner of your monitor while you easily factorize the numbers you need for that school or office assignment.

primes factorization enter number factorize prime numbers evenly divide

Folder Organizer

Award winning, elegant, unobtrusive and easy-to-use Desktop tool that makes your work with files and folders extremely streamlined and simplified. The Folder Organizer's prime feature is its hierarchical and fully customizable Main Menu that is accessible from the System Tray area. Using it you can effortlessly open your favorite folders anytime, anywhere and from any application. The application has an efficient and familiar interface.

shell desktop utility favorite shortcut open directory drive folder organize organizer

Book of God's Dreams

And the words only strive to reach - The words express the effort to row Some private rowing in the sea of entities And boundless nothingness... A collection of poems originally written in Hebrew and translated in English by the author, Ella Bat-Tsion. Reading poetry is a very private experience. Poetry calls upon feelings, life, religious beliefs, social conventions, etc. The reading is influenced by the mood of the moment, the music you are listening to, the odors of the room, the presence or absence of someone... You may like it or you may not; you may understand it or you may not. You don't read poetry, you listen to it; not with your ears but with your mind. This ebook has the look and "feel" of an old book. The author seems to be talking to the reader and invite him to be at one with her and transcend the words. Some poems feel like Ella woke up from a mystic sleep and hurried to write down fragments of a mystical conversation with... Poetry disturbs you? Perhaps you (unconsciously) know the power of words. After all, isn't it a basic tenet of the judeo-christian world that: In the beginning the Word already existed; the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Ella Bat-Tsion lives in Jerusalem, Israel. She has published ten volumes of her own poetry and also some collections of translations from English (Ryokan, Elsa Gidlow) and French (Robert Desnos, Paul Eluard). She received many literary prizes in her country: Literary Prizes Literary prize after Matti Catz, 1972. Acum prize, 1975. Prass Ha-yetsira from the Prime Minister Fund, 1980. Literary prize after Miriam Talpir, 1981. Many awards from Tel Aviv Fund for Literature and Art. Prass Ha-yetsira from the Prime Minister Fund, 1996. Goldberg prize from the Jewish National Fund, 1998. This evaluation version contains only half of the poems.

ebook poetry mysticism hebrew literature translation god decide yourself mystical poetry

Robots: Power On!

The story says there was a happy and prosperous planet called HORTUS. It was attacked by robots-terminators form the TERMINUS system. They captured MEGACRYSTAL - the symbol of HORTUS power and prosperity. You control a fearless hero Mark Cyborg, who has a mission of prime importance - he must leave for TERMINUS and bring MEGACRYSTAL back to the home planet. You will have to overcome a lot of hardships before you can do that. The action takes place at military bases of robrts. In order to complete a level you must find an exit destroying the enemies on your way. Destroy enemy robots and pick up bonuses to score the points.

robots power on alawar entertainment 3d game games action shooter happy

Amiasoft Thumbnailer

Ready to share all those photos you've taken with your digital camera? Thumbnailer is software for creating thumbnails, resizing your digital images, or organizing your images into an HTML-based photo album. A list of features included in Thumbnailer are listed below: -Project Files to quickly reproduce or enhance your image galleries and collections. -Project Management tools for complete control of projects such as moving, copying, renaming or deleting. -Complete control of image output by selecting size, quality and type of image. -Copies selected images to one central area within the project folder for ease of uploading entire collection to the internet. -Sorting options to sort your image list alphabetically, ascending or descending. Ability to add images one at a time or by directory! -Complete style control over the HTML index page that will display your images. -Complete style control over the HTML pages that displays the full size original images. -Included are several pre-defined color schemes to help prime the creative juices. -A mini-preview area to interactively watch how your color selections affect the appearance of your HTML documents. -Ability to add and preview background images for your html pages. -Several pre-defined background images included with the program -Ability to specify sub-folders for your original images and thumbnails -Ability to add shadow effects to your thumbnail images plus the ability to adjust the size, type and color of the shadow. -A large collection of pre-defined navigation buttons for the HTML pages are included. If you don't find a set you like, you can specify your own or use customizable text hyperlinks. -Thumbnailer also tracks any changes that have been made to the project and warns you on the last panel if changes were made. -If only changes you make to a project affect the HTML files, you can quickly rebuild just those HTML documents.

graphics image gallery image album photo gallery photo album thumbnail organize display pictures web ready

CFB Primes

CFB Primes is an optimised PalmOS program which can find the prime factors and closest primes of any integer number up to one billion (US) in a few seconds or less. The standard edit menu allows you to make use of the results in other applications. CFB Primes is available free of charge.

primes factors maths palm fast free find prime factors closest primes

Cynapse SafeKeys

A small but very handy utility, Cynapse SafeKeys generates random, unique, equal length passwords. The passwords generated can be customized to a particular length, character case and special considerations. Special considerations specify whether the password generated should be alphabetic, numeric, a mix of numeric and special characters etc. A very useful customization that Cynapse SafeKeys supports is specifying a format mask for the random generated passwords. The application supports export of the generated passwords to Text files and Comma Separated Values File (CSV). The highly customizable algorithm implemented within the application to generate passwords can prove to be very useful in various areas that require a random password generator. Cynapse SafeKeys enables the user to generate an extremely large number of custom unique passwords. If you need an automated unique password generator to manage a large number of accounts in your business environment Cynapse SafeKeys is the solution to your problem. Its feature to provide unique passwords can be utilized to create CD-Keys, Serial keys, Passwords etc. Features: Customizable password generation Password Length from 3 to 100 characters Generated password can be Upper, Lower, Proper or Mixed Case Numeric, Alphabetic, or Special characters in generated passwords Number of special characters or numbers in password can be set Specific special characters can be omitted in generated password Format Mask feature with single(?) and multiple (*) character masking Generate up to 2500 unique passwords at a time Copy generated passwords to clipboard Export generated passwords to text or CSV files (direct import to excel and most databases) User-friendly interface with simplicity and understandability is the prime focus.

security password keygen generator keys serial safekeys advanced password generator generating

HIME: Huge Integer Math and Encryption

HIME stands for Huge Integer Math and Encryption library. It is a collection of functions for Windows programmers that allows to implement RSA public key encryption, AES (Rijndael) and ArcFour (RC4) secret key encryption and digital signatures using the SHA-1, SHA-256 or MD5 Secure Hash Algorithm in your programs. HIME also contains functions for huge prime number generation, cryptographically secure random number generation (a.o. Blum-Blum-Shub and RSA), Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithm and huge integer number mathematical operations. These mathematical functions can serve as building blocks for implementing other public key encryption schemes. A huge integer number in HIME can be hundreds of thousands of digits long; 2^31 (2147483648) bits long to be exact. That's over 268 MILLION digits! (In contrast, a strong 512-bit encryption key is just 64 digits). HIME is a dll, so every programming language that can access a dll can use HIME: C, C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, PowerBASIC, PureBASIC, Euphoria, Java,... Even scripting languages like Macromedia Director (with GLU32) can use HIME. HIME comes with demo and test programs (including their source code) to show HIMEs performance and as an example of how to use HIME. Demo programs in Visual Basic 5/6, Delphi and PureBasic are also included. HIME was written in PowerBASIC and inline assembler. HIME is available as a precompiled dll with included source code as an option.

encryption dll library public key encryption secret key encryption aes rijndael rsa digital signature sha-256 diffie-hellman


Keep your hard disk free from unwanted junk files There exists many kinds of 'temporary' files that all have in common that they steadily increase in number and thus slowly eat up your hard disk space. Some programs use temporary files to hold intermediate data but do not delete them after program shutdown (e.g. just take a look in your Windows\Temp directory where many such files end up). Many setup programs are prime examples of this. Other programs keep producing lots of unwanted log files. Yet others automatically create backup files of edited documents. Internet browsers create a lot of cache files, 'cookie' files, history files, et c, et c. The problem is that if you don't clean up such files periodically, your free disk space will slowly but steadily shrink and it will be more difficult to find the files that you do want because of all the junk littering it. If you are really unlucky, Windows may even crash because it hasn't got enough space for its virtual memory swap file. The solution? CleanDisk will help you automate the task of removing most such unwanted files. Using a very easy-to-use three-step process it will quickly scan your hard disk(s) for unwanted files and assist you in deleting them! It's as easy as that!

clean disk junk file cleaner search remove uninstall keep hard disk

Handy Service for Palm

Sales and Shopping on Palm, Job management, Work log tracking. Handy Service is a sales and shopping software for Palm OS handhelds, both for home users and service staff. It allows doing mobile sales, tracking orders for goods and services, maintaining shopping lists. Initially it was intended as assistant for waiters, traders, salesmen and other service staff to help them at the restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, car service centers, hair salons and other service places. Further it was adapted for home users and allows maintaining shopping lists, planning purchases, estimating of purchase expenses and tracking and accounting a lot of other things. Another application is job management and work log tracking. It allows having multiple clients and tracking which jobs you have to do for each client, accounting for paid and done jobs. Also it is possible to record daily works and activity for each work. Handy Service has an independent desktop program, which allows maintaining all the data on a desktop computer, viewing orders, printing bills, exporting orders to Excel (csv) files, loading and saving list of goods to Excel (csv) files. Also there is instant desktop, which allows picking new orders from multiple Palms in real-time. Features: - assistance for service staff and contracters, - mobile sales, - maintaining shopping lists, estimating purchase expenses, - extremely fast and convenient adding of goods into order, - two-level hierarchical categories for goods and services, - search by first letters, - beaming of orders and goods, - discounts and tips for any order, - price, prime cost and taxes for goods and services, - report for total cost, profit, tax and tips for selected orders and single order, - notes both for particular goods and whole order, to make order more precise, - Palm OS 5 support: small hires fonts, Tungsten T3 full screen, 5-way navigator, - independent desktop program, - simpler freeware previous version.

waiter assistant servants customer service staff helper take orders restaurant bar

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