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Easy Point of sale software for automotive repair shops with, networking, customer history, income and commission reports, spell check, End of Day report. Print mailing labels or postcards with previously recommended repair. Complete categorized Inventory, which fills a purchase order to stock level with a click of a button. Option to backup database and program to a CDR/W, copy, or Zip to another local drive or Network drive. Option to Integrate Wrenchead Parts and Labor Catalog and Mitchell Labor Guide. ShopInvo can be customized and used on other type businesses.

automotive point of sale auto management shop repair repair shop labor parts inventory auto

Belltech Small Business Publisher

Belltech Small Business Publisher, a feature rich professional quality business printing software to print address labels, letterheads, flyers, postcards, business cards, envelopes, brochures and more. It comes with many design templates and supports all standard paper stocks including Avery papers. This is perfectly suited for business printing. Product Highlights 1)Create labels, letterheads, envelopes and more. 2)Add color blend(gradient) effects and texture to your design. 3)Add tilted text, shapes and images. 4)Modify color, style, size and create numerous designs. 5)Use standard templates and backgrounds. 6)Create your own design template and reuse it later. Use this application to easily meet your printing needs. Ability to add amazing color blends and texture is a unique feature of this application. This program offers cut copy paste functionality for all the design elements. You can also copy paste texts and images from other applications. You can save your design and modify it later, or save it as an image file with bmp, jpg, gif, png, wmf or tif format and email to your printshop for professional printing. This trial version comes with many design templates, background images and graphics that you can use in your design.

small business printing office printer letterhead software label software business card designer address label makers return labels shipping labels business letterhead creator letterhead maker envelope software Webcam ( World of Webcams ) Webcam puts your camera stream on the web instantly. Get a free web cam homepage and instantly meet and chat with other webcams on Works with any PC Camera. Also, your free webcam page on includes a chatbox, photo album, webcam postcards and more. There are thousands of online cams on ( formerly Camarades ) everyday, with our Elite upgrade you can even easily search, meet, monitor and videochat with all of them. Welcome to the World of Webcams !

webcam web cam webcams video chat ww com world webcams webcam puts camera

QIC Webfotoalbum

From your digital camera to the internet within 5 minutes! Present your images to friends and relatives on the internet in the easiest way with QIC Webfotoalbum! QIC Webfotoalbum creates an HTML photo gallery from image files (JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PCX...) and uploads the gallery to any internet server. Create an album, import your pictures, publish - done! Create a new gallery and drag and drop single photos or a complete image folder with your mouse to the software. QIC Webfotoalbum creates a completely designed photo gallery with small thumbnail images from these images or creates an automatic slide show for publishing on the internet or on CD-ROM. You can also enter short and long descriptions for any of your images. Features: - Create and administrate as many photo galleries as you wish with a simple mouse click. - Add as many photos per album as you wish - Easy importing of pictures with drag and drop - Import single photos or complete folders - Intelligent built in FTP client uploads only changed files - Import complete subdirectories - Automatic thumbnail creation - Automatic slideshow - Full screen slideshow with transition effects - Selectable image format for images and thumbnails - Automatic image size conversion without quality loss - Import various different image formats (BMP, JPG, TIFF, PCX etc.) with automatic conversion to the JPEG file format. - Build in Image editor with functions for contrast, sharpening etc. - Very easy usage - Smart functions to publish your photo galleries - Various different styles for your photo galleries - Easyly adjust the styles to match your design needs - Sending pictures as postcards - Publish as CD Photo album on an autostart CD-ROM

webfotoalbum foto gallery photo gallery image editor qic thumbnails slideshow postcard cd-rom jpeg

Postcard Collector Professional

This is the perfect computer program for anyone that collects postcards. Now anyone from beginner to pro can keep those postcards organized and much more. This program lets you record detailed information about each of your postcards, such as: Title, Theme, Description, Issue #, Publisher, Date Released, Country Issued In, Source Aquired From, Condition, Cost, Value and more. This program features: Unlimited number of records, Print Records, Print Charts, Search, Sort, Import and Display your own scanned pics of each card, Built-In Help File and more.

postcards postcard postcard collecting software postcard collecting perfect computer program anyone collects postcards

Sticky Photo 2004

1. Background Photo sticker is a colorful, self adhesive sticker which frames a photo of people. It?s imported from Japan a few years ago, but it?s still very popular among teenagers, they would like to stick them on their wallet, cellphone, or postcards to send to other friends. Actually, it?s also an easy way for people to keep their friendship in memories. The pictures have different backgrounds(frames), for example, flowers or the ocean or funny characters such as Kitty or other animals. People can change the photo style as they want by just selecting different frames from thousands of choises, so the result photos can be great to express their personality. Today, photo sticker is not just a moden thing, for many people, it has become a great helper for capturing the funniest moments in life. They even wanna share and exchange their photos on the internet. But now the problem is, the photo sticker just can be taken in its shops located in some area. In fact, the photo taking process is simple, if there are enough hardware and software resources can be very easily used, this job can totally be done by the home users themselves. so they don?t have to go out, and just facing their PC, with their friends, by just pushing a few buttons, it will be done and having great fun. So the region limitation can be solved. 2. Introduction In order to let people make photo sticker more easily at home by themselves, we developed the Sticky Photo 2004 program. It doesn?t like some programs just open the foreground image, select the background(frame) images, and combine them. In this program, people can see their movement dynamically in the preview window through the PC camera. That makes people feel like the same of doing this in front of the machine in the shop. The ultimate scene we have been looking forward to seeing is that: With a PC and a Camera accessory, he can totally share this brand-new enjoyment with his family or visiting relatives at home.

sticky photo sticky photo photo sticker sticker at home fun cam camera real time sticky

MSN Messenger Maximizer

Enhance your chat experience with Microsoft Messenger using Vivo Studio. Makes your Messenger contacts speak, translates messages transparently, and more. Vivo Studio is not another chat client. It integrates seamlessly with your existing Messenger application and contacts, empowering you with new features and thereby enhancing the overall experience. You can now attend multiple chat sessions at once through one unique new interface. And you don't even need to read the messages, because your contacts are now empowered with speech. The integrated translation service enables you to chat in any of 7 major languages without knowing any of them: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Italian. Both incoming and outgoing messages can be translated transparently. Vivo Studio enables a 'broadcast chat' session, allowing you to address multiple contacts at once. It adds speech, and records chat sessions that can later be narrated, quite like a Soap Opera. You will actually see and hear the narrated conversation. Vivo Studio answers incoming messages automatically through artificial intelligence, it checks hastily typed outgoing messages for typing errors and automatically corrects them on-the-fly, without your intervention. By means of a photo session you can instantly send the nicest photo to your contacts. With the 'multi-send' feature you easily send the same photo or Video message to a selection or all of your contacts at once. Video messages are automatically and transparently uploaded to your server before a reference to the message is send to your contacts. The postcards delivery service allows you to send a printed, full color picture-postcard to your Messenger contacts, worldwide.

translation speech messenger chat language voice agent msn vivostudio chat sweetheart

Mr.Snow DirectX8 Column Gold

Best DirectX8 programming tutorials, by Denis "Mr.Snow" Kozhukhov. The given column we devote to programming everything, that is coupled with DirectX8. It's covers all aspects of DirectX games development from DirectInput to Direct3D and will be updated as often as it'll be possible. If you intrested in this updates - buy now! - and you will help us with it. Commonly, we can help everybody if they have any questions, but - only if the have buy it

xdev-ru dkcscportal dkcsc programming choco snow creation virtual worlds art gallery programms vladivostok denis

JPEG Imager

An interactive image compressor. Provides various compression controls and a real-time preview of a resulting image. May prove to be very useful if you need to optimize your images for publishing in the Web. Includes a set of image enhancement tools, simple built-in batch processor and thumbnail generator.

compress optimize jpeg jpg gif png view edit convert picture image process enhance correct

Icon Viewer

Freeware program to view icons. You can view all the icons that are contained in an EXE, DLL, ICO, or ICL file, or you can view (at the same time) all the icons that are contained in a directory. Besides that you can compare icon files to see whether they are identical or not, and search the current directory for duplicates of an icon.

icon viewer ico icl dll exe directory compare files view icons contained ico exe


Magitime is useful online monitoring tool provides expense and data transfer tracking capablilites. It detects Dial-up as well as Network type connection also. It is also providing 7 additional time utilities like Scheduler, World Time, Moon Phase, Chronograph, Shutdown Timer, Time Synchronizer Alarms etc. Magitime generates interactive Daily, Monthly or Periodic Reports. It is also enable to accept online plugins with added facilities.

magitime bookmark scheduler synchronize time online timer bandwidth monitor moon phase alarms shutdown timer online expense dialup monitor chronograph network monitor traffic monitor

Caravan Business Server for Microsoft

Caravan Business Server is an extremely easy to use comprehensive development and deployment framework which has been used to build Enterprise wide, mission critical Web-based applications. It includes, as a seamless integrated package, an easy to use Scripting Language, Search Engine, Database Engine, a Web Server and a Communication Server, which makes it a 1-Tier Architecture.

cross platform tiny size fast rapid development web app development deployment environment cross platform tiny footprint

Word Extractor

Word Extractor is a hacking tool that extracts (human) words from binary (machine) files. Is suitable for many purposes like finding a cheat in a game, finding hidden text or passwords in a file (exe, bin, dll), etc...

word extractor binary files hacking text binary files game cheat passwaord passwords word extractor extracts

ExeDesk, Professional Edition

The ExeDesk is a skinable (theme enabled) virtual desktop manager that replaces standard Windows desktop. The program features multiple object types (icons, buttons, frames, text,...), menus, tool windows and more. Fully customizable and easy to use.

virtual desktop manager launcher replacement shell theme skinable menus theme enabled virtual desktop manager

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