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MyABCD Software

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Your child will learn the alphabet, numbers up to twenty, the names and sounds of musical instruments and simple computer mouse skills. Toddlers can sit on your knee as the letters are displayed in upper-case and lower-case in bright colors with amusing animations. They will anticipate with excitement the appearance of the teddy.

In the Games room you can help your child play a balloon bursting game, negotiate a maze and complete a jigsaw.

Released by: Paxton Cat Software
Date: 11/9/2002
Version: 2.8
File Size: 3.557 MB
Price: $ 9.95
Supported OS: Win95,Win98,Windows2000,MAC 68k,Mac PPC
Keywords: abc abcd alphabet 123 1234 numbers children kids child pre-school educational learn learning junior primary early childhood kids music fun games counting mouse skills mouse teach family kindergarten esl

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