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With this calendar, country specific holidays and festivals of nearly every country of the world can be displayed. You can define birthdays, wedding anniversary, reminders and notes. School-holidays or exhibition schedules can be added. Moon-Phases and Zodiac symbols are automatically displayed; countries in the Southern or Northern Hemisphere are supported. The individually defined dates can be displayed as a monthly, a yearly or as an "event"-overview. Now with notes and memos support! Add up to 4 own defined and named events! Add your own bitmap image to an event! Export your event list or graphic to other applications! Printout possible! Display of Date-Format can be chanced. Calculates how many days are between two days. The calendar comes with a complete setup, uninstall and online-help. Other freeware and shareware products at:

calendar pim zodiac symbols calendar country specific holidays festivals zodiac symbols reminders


Mini-Desktop Organizer manages your disk drive with notebook peer-level directory tabs and pop-up chilld menu. Change folder-level with up/down toolbar icons. Memo pad opens on a click and saves on a click. Remembers and recalls user selected folders. Command Line Prompt lets you type in commands the old DOS way and doubles as an at-your-fingertips math calculator. Centralize your work area with user definable Notebook and a Programs menu with dyanamic working path option. Opens a command prompt in the current directory. Command interpreter is user configurable for custom shells.

notebook notepad memos post-it notes quick organizer desktop explorer directory file

Product Scope 32 PRO

Product Scope 32 PRO provides a combination of tools for keeping track of comparative product information, places to buy, manufacturers, product images; located on the Internet and on local storage drives. Product Scope 32 PRO, Version 5 introduces exciting new Imaging Tools and PDF Tool Box! Images can be displayed in fourteen different types of windows including: Browse Products, Update Form, Image Viewer, Image Editor, Thumbnailer, File Search, Reports, and PDF Tool Box. Re-sizeable PDF Tool Box - Add Thumbnails, Merge 2 or more PDF documents, Extract images or pages, Insert images, View PDF documents inside Product Scope 32 PRO, and add an image or text as a watermark. Reports with PDF creation! Profile Exchanges, Comparative Shopping and Internet Bookmarks. PDF Tool Box - Add Thumbnails, Merge PDF's, Extract images or pages! Imaging Tools - File Search - Image - Images displayed original size, Image viewer with zoom! PDF - Insert images, View PDF inside Product Scope 32 PRO, Add image/text as a watermark! Imaging Tools - Image editor - multi-featured, Built in thumbnailer program, Images in reports! File Search - Any file type, text within files, image preview, Copy, Move, Launch! Spreadsheet and Crosstab reports available - Spreadsheet Version! Database convenience for tracking product, manufacturer, and place to buy information. Products Browse with all Links, three price quotes, Image (with zoom) and Memo! Custom Views - Customize fields to display, quickly sort a single field! Search All text fields including memos to find a particular Product or Vendor FAST! Reference Archived HTML Files. Alternative address book for your email program. Basic File Management for Downloading Files From The Web and Installation. Associate PDF files with product record and launch Adobe Reader to view PDF file. Associate Product Prices with International Currencies.

bookmark image editor thumbnailer pdf toolbox image viewer email comparative shopping reports profile exchanges file search

Product Scope 32 PRO - UE

A very resourceful Internet Bookmark program and Comparative Shopping. Import/Export dBIII, dBIV, delimited ASCII. Export to HTML Options! File Search - Any file type, text within files, image preview, Copy, Move, Launch! Spreadsheet and Crosstab reports available (Spreadsheet Option)! Custom Views - Customize fields to display, quickly sort a single field! Database convenience for tracking product, manufacturer, and place to buy information Serve as an alternative address book for your email program Search All text fields including memos to find a particular Product or Vendor FAST! Reference Archived HTML Files. Associate Product Prices with International Currencies Basic File Management for Downloading Files From The Web and Installation. Document Insight Development Web Page Captures - iCapture 2, ZUTW PRO Associate PDF files with product record. Launch Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF file

bookmark email comparative shopping reports profile exchanges file search pdf import-export internet bookmark


The ultimate Database Editor/Utility.dbfUtils is a convenient, full-featured utility for viewing, editing, modifying, converting and exporting DBF-format databasesIt allows you to add, delete, recall, sort, zap, pack records, view and edit tables, get detailed database information. It includes a hex viewer to view records, memos or the whole table.dbfUtils includes: Complete Statistics for numeric fields, Data Dictionary and the ability to connect to the Apollo Database Server and a hex viewer.Some of dbfUtils features are:User defined Report Generator Generates C++ and Delphi source Code Index FlipDuplicate Record Delete all Filtered recordsCopy Filtered/Queried records to a new tableConvert tables' from/to Clipper, FoxPro, HiPer-Six, including index and memos. Export Grid to HTML, Excel, Word, RTF, CSV, SDF, TAB, Text, DIF, and SYLK Import Table from comma, tab, and space delimited files. Fill Table with random data.

dbfutils data dictionary foxpro dbf viewer dbf file dbf editor clipper datadictionary ultimate database editor

Visual Day Planner

This fully customizable network capable calendar that allows real-time updates by multiple workgroup users. Visual Day Planner?s powerful network features allow multiple users to synchronize and view one another?s ongoing activities in real-time - a perfect workgroup calendar for updating and sharing busy schedules among office colleagues! The Admin Wizard allows administrators to set user privileges, restricting certain users from making any modifications to the planner, while letting other users with authority edit entries. Customize alarms, recurring events, fonts and images, view it in monthly, weekly or daily format. Post reminders, alarm snoozing or appointments by simply clicking on a date. Never miss an appointment by using the planner as your desktop wallpaper. FREE CD.

visual day planner calendars organizers day planners alarm reminders address book anniversary birthdays schedulers appointments memos


ContentKit® - Content Management Tool. Construct Web sites with powerful content management functionality. Easily changed and updated by non-technical-personal. Be free in your Designwork, ContentKit® will not change or modify anything. ContentKit® is a easy-to-use software with integrated WYSIWYG Web authoring. Gives your Clients a maximum of performance for Web sites that often need small updates. ContentKit® is a databased Windows-Application that integrates dynamically text and images in your existing Web site. With a few mouseclicks you can update and change your contents the same as you would work with Text processing. Some Functions: # Easy-to-use with Windows-Application # EditPoints for quick and easy naviagtion between Preview and ContentKit® Database # Double-Mode-Administration: Webdesigner and End User, including with password # Quick and easy implementation # Administration of several Internet-Projects # Import and Export of ContentKit® -Projects # Start your preferred HTML-Editor directly from ContentKit® # Import images with automatic-controled dimensions # Image editing: "Passe-Partout"-, zoom-, rotate-, compression- and borders-funcionality # Edit text, lists, images, hyperlinks, download-links, e-Mails, tables and more # Work with Dreamweaver, FrontPage, GoLive and others # WYSIWYG HTML-Editor (can be enabled) # Local preview (checking before uploading) # Independent from Server OS (Linux, Windows, etc.) # No installation required on Serverside (ISP) # an also be integrated with existing Web sites # No further cost using ContentKit® # Java, JavaScript, Flash and other technologies are supported # integrated FTP-Client for automatic transfer # LineTag: Format Text (with 255 characters) # MemoTag: Format Memos in preferable lenght # ImageTag: Import of GIF-, JPG-, BMP-Images # ListTag: Lists with sort-, filter and link-function # LinkTag: Hyperlinks and E-Mail-Links (http://, mailto://, ftp://, etc.)

cms content management system content management tool content management content content-management contentmanagement content management software web content management cms software development


OE-Plus is an Outlook Express (OE) Personal Information Manager (PIM) plugin with: Calendar, Alarm, Reminders, ToDo List, Notes, Memos, Spam Blocker, News and Weather. Free to try.

oe outlook express pim plugin calendar alarm reminders todo tasks notes memos

PostIt Notes

PostIt Notes is a easy to use little program for any version of Windows, it lets create colorful sticky note on your desktop and send them to others. You can use them for messages, reminders, telephone notes, to-do lists, Web and email addresses, office memos or anything else. You can easily change the color and size of each notes as you wish, set them to ring an alarm at a specified time, lock them to protect their contents and move them off the screen by hiding them. They stay around even when you turn your computer off. You can also send your notes to other people via email. When you install PostIt Notes, it sets itself up to run automatically when Windows starts up, so it will always be available when you need it. You can prevent this if you want.

postit notes postit note post it notes post it note sticky notes sticky note postit notes popular virtual sticky

Agenda Pro

Agenda Pro is a agenda management software. It provide agenda management, to do list, memos and contacts information management function. You can manage your time more efficiency with Agenda Pro. Highlight : 1. System resources consume is very low, and can minimize to system tray icon. 2. Tray icon can display the day of month. 3. Software interface is very clear. Easy drag-and-drop interface. 4. Alarm notify function. 5. Contact information import and export function.

agenda to do memos contacts agenda management pim calendar schedule plan remind agenda

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