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Chat Customer Service Software

Chat Customer service software. This CRM Live help software will help you to increase sale and support to your clients. Ligne Directe will enable you to chat in real-time with the visitors of your website. Features include chatting with simultaneous visitors, invite someone on your website to chat with you, the ability to co-browse the web with the visitor and to chat between operators - Live chat - Monitoring of your visitors - Management of simultaneous conversations (talk with more than one person at once) - Bilingual version (French and English) - Free updates The application will add a human touch to your website and improve your customer and support services. The basic version (in English and French) will allow you to instantly chat simultaneously with different visitors. This version is free and easy to install on your website using HTML codes.

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Advanced Live Support

LiveSupport is an AdvancedPortal product offered to any website hosted with us. Provide live online customer service on your website. View and chat with visitors as they navigate your site. Chat with them to close sales and provide real time service. Putting a small Javascript on your web pages shows the LiveSupport icon. If an operator is online, the icon shows it clearly and the visitors can click on the icon to engage in live chat with the operator. If no operator is online, visitors can still leave a message. Features Users visit your website. All their navigation is recorded in the DB telling you which pages they visited and when. If a support person is online, the user clearly knows this when the icon says . The user clicks on the icon and is prompted to enter his name, Email address, subject and choose the category for this chat like sales or support etc. All the logged in support persons hear a bell ring on their PCs. They are informed about customer's nick and extended info on file if any latest. navigation history previous chat history previous polls history previous sales history previous newsletters history previous forums participation history existing shopping cart details etc. If more than one support person is online, the one clicking on accept button first seizes the chat. The customer sees a welcome message like Greg: Hi, How may I help you? The customer can then continue with his issue. The support person can: Push a message. Push a URL. Open a URL on customer's machine. Open an image on customer's machine. Send an Email address to the customer. When the customer is done, he can close the chat. The customer can rate the chat at any time to inform the support person of his rating of the quality of this chat. Once the chat is closed, the customer can optionally be shown a poll or survey to fill out.

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Boldchat Operator Client .NET

Chat with visitors on your web site. Great for sales and customer service chats. See all visitors on your web site. Initiate chats with visitors. Customize your chat window with your logo, colors, etc. Display a chat button showing your availability. Use canned answers. Send HTML messages. Receive copies of chat sessions via email. Use with multiple operators. Receive audio and visual alerts on new chats, new messages, and new visitors.

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Help your client when he really needs to be help: when he's still online, in real-time. MiniHelp! is a PHP script which lets anyone at your website chat to you, so you may help him in real-time with a technical support issue or explain to him how to buy your products. You don't need to wait the visitor to call you, because a sound and visual message will warn you. This is a totally web based system. It doesn't require any extra software or plug-in. ONLINE and OFFLINE icons will be available in your website. Note: Each license is valid for one specific domain (website), which will be asked you after you ordering it. MiniHelp! requires your webserver to support PHP.

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WhosOn gives you a real time view of your web site visitor activity. You can watch visitors arrive at your site and move from page to page in real time. You can see where they came from (the Referrer), and specific data about the visitor, such as Country & City, Browser, Operating System and Reverse DNS. You can see if the visitor has been to your site before ? and if so details of each previous visit. All this information is updated before your eyes in real time ? as it happens. WhosOn shows spider activity separately allowing you to concentrate on ?real? visitors. If you need to reboot your web server, WhosOn will instantly tell you if it?s ok to do so. WhosOn maintains a SQL database of visitor history. Over 50 Charts & Reports are included for analyzing historical data. Supports MS SQL Server or Pervasive.SQL databases. Also includes real time error and exception reporting via email. The built-in chat server allows your visitors to chat to you in real time using a browser independant Java applet. WhosOn can send you emailed or SMS text alerts when any event out of the ordinary occurs (such as a user requesting an EXE file or trying to access a page that does not exist). Other features include,Prospect Detection, Ping visitor, TraceRT visitor, WhoIs lookup, view previous visits for any visitor, view top referrers. WhosOn uses very little system resources. It works with NCSA Common, IIS and Extended log file formats and can run on any Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP computer that has access to your web servers log files.

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POWERFUL AND AFFORDABLE LIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE SOFTWARE "According to surveys, 25-75% of shopping cart abandonment is due to websites lacking real-time customer service to answer questions or resolve problems." (ZDNet 2002) LiveServiceDesk empowers small web businesses with the ability to turn browsers into lifetime customers by instantly answering questions before visitors click to a competitor's site! Using an ordinary web browser, visitors can launch a chat session with the click of a button in any web page or html email offering live service. No software to download or plug-ins to install. Here's how LiveServiceDesk will help you grow your online business: 1 - Close significantly more sales by instantly answering visitors' questions and showing them the products and services that meet their needs. 2 - Increase the profit of your sales by up-selling and cross-selling additional products that the visitor may not have thought of or initially seen on your website. 3 - Make potential clients feel comfortable taking the next step by instantly building trust and rapport through answering and asking questions. 4 - Learn what your visitors are looking for so you can make changes to meet their demands. Some key features in: - Chat with multiple visitors from as many websites as you own through one application window. - Push the exact page, link, or picture that helps visitors make on the spot purchase, hiring or sign-up decisions. - Save time sending preset messages for common questions and special offers. - Transfer chats to a coworker if you are unable to help a visitor. - Allow visitors to 'leave a message' when you are unavailable or logged out of LiveServiceDesk. - Search chat transcripts for trends that can lead you to profitable changes in your products, services and website. - Automated setup and visitor window customisation, without HTML or programming knowledge, gets visitors chatting with you live in minutes.

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AliveChat BETA

AliveChat 3.0 Beta is a FREEWARE which allows you to connect with your web site visitors in real-time via a browser-based chat interface. The application is 100% hosted by WebsiteAlive's data centres, so there is nothing to download and install. Your company representatives can now support customers while increasing operator productivity and reducing telephone and call center costs. Some features include unlimited operator/client chat sessions, proactive chat, real-time site monitoring, repeat visitors identification, site metrics and performance analysis tools, operator to operator chatroom, typing indicator, departments, automatic call distribution, and hotkeys (saved phrases and urls). Please visit for more details.

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Avalio Task Scheduler

Avalio Task Scheduler is component can be used in any application that can call ActiveX components. It includes ASP, IIS, MS Word, Access, Excel and many others. Avalio Task Scheduler gives you ability to manage required tasks according to schedule. The component can be used to create reports, update site content, call ASP pages at particular time, check if web-server is functioning or IIS requires restart.

task at sheduler task schedule asp vbs vb vc cpp javascript vbscript time schedule windows

IE Protector And Tracks Eraser

IE Protector And Tracks Eraser aims to repair Internet Explorer browser by restoring default settings,and prevent Web sites from running malicious code or changing your browser settings behind your back.Tracks Eraser is very useful for cleaning up all evidence of your Internet activities. Tracks Eraser is a great privacy tool to protect your privacy!

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EO Video

EO Video is advanced media player, converter and joiner, supporting all major multimedia formats (DivX, AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, Real, WMV, Asf, Jpeg, Gif, MP3...). It offers state of the art playing capabilities with absolutely seamless clip transitions, a built in converter with AVI & MPEG joiner, Windows-style file explorer for easy management of multimedia and other files, and much, much more... Player is totally free!

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PictureBox ActiveX Control With Inbuilt Zoom and Rotate

Picturebox ActiveX Control with inbuilt Zoom and Rotate functions. Relieves developers of writing seperate code for zoom and rotate fuctions. Also has inbuilt scroll bars to take care of increase in size due to zoom/rotate. Scrollbars appear and disappear automatically. Has a sample VB project included to see the capabilities. Supports Image formats that are supported by MS PictureBox Control in VB 6.0. Trila version has a feature limit.

picturebox zoom rotate control activex vb auto picture box inbuilt picturebox activex control inbuilt zoom

TuneUp Utilities

The swiss army knife for your PC. Extend your operating system's capabilities: TuneUp Utilities 2004 makes Windows faster, more secure and comfortable. Features: *Removes unnecessary files from your hard disk *Optimizes the performance of your PC *Accelerates your internet connection *Recovers files and protects your privacy *Automatically corrects problems *Allows you to customize your system to your needs

tweak registry cleaner optimize windows tuneup utilities tuning animation registry shredder optimizing cleaner optimizer clean

Windows midi/wav MCI Player

This is a Windows MCI Player for listening to .midi or .wav files. The application was built for windows using ActiveX controls. For more information, please visit

activex control midi wav player multimedia music freeware free windows mci player listening midi

MegaSpring resizer ActiveX for VB

Does your application require resolution independence? here we go, simply drag and drop the small-footprint MegaSpring to your VB form, it will automatically resize all controls and fonts without any coding. All controls in the form are proportional in size, position and font size.

megaspring resizer activex megaspring resizer activex

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