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Date Tracker online dating software multiplies your power to evaluate the largest number of candidates and distinguish yourself from the rest of the online dating pack. This powerful tool not only keeps track of your many photos and email correspondence, but makes you a more powerful writer. As we mature we become more committed to the qualities our intended mate must possess. Eventually, many of us find that this person is not in our daily circle of contacts and have to venture into the world of online dating. Wouldn't it be nice to use technology to help you evaluate the largest number of candidates to find that 'needle in a haystack' perfect partner? Our online dating software helps you find and attract this special person. Do you feel sometimes that finding and attracting that special lover is like trying to start a fire with wet wood? Our online dating software helps you make a hotter spark to get that new relationship blazing! Now, whenever you contact that prospective mate you are quickly refreshed to your last laugh, conversation or photo exchanged. Whenever you're back in contact its like time stood still and you can pick up right where your journey of romance left off. Date Tracker online dating software provides a complete easy to use method of generating provocative email letters and maintaining contact information and photos. We know you'll also like our letter writing tools to make your emails more provocative and entertaining. Who you are and what makes you special has to project into the written word. Our online dating software allows you to catalogue your most interesting thoughts and stories. This powerful tool saves many hours creating unique and provocative letters. Think about it, besides your picture, how else is your prospective mate going to learn about the real you? Our online dating software maintains a complete database of your prospective suitors sorted by the qualities and personal preferences.

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Letter Star

Write letters and focus on content while layout, formatting and default text are determined by d stationery with PDF letter heads! Save time and automate the process of filling in the receiver's address and set personalized greetings! - High quality output with pdf letterheads - Works with the Apple AddressBook and standard vCards - Mail Merge and Fax Merge - Spell checking - Knows about language peculiarities - Inline graphics support - Flexible layout editing with frames - Fully native Mac OS X look & feel

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Atlantis Ocean Mind

Are you creating documents, essays, reports, writing novels, articles, letters, then Atlantis is the friendly uncomplicated word processor you have been looking for. Stop using awkward software with bloated interface. Atlantis will give you all the power and functionality necessary to create documents of professional standard with the greatest of ease. Unlike much of the competition, Atlantis is carefully designed with the end-user in mind. Most commands are only one mouse click or a key press away. With a fully customizable interface and a whole array of very powerful functions, Atlantis gives you total control over the viewing, handling, editing and protection of your documents. Beyond the traditional word processing functions, you are provided with graphic-type tools to format your documents. You will use special brushes to apply format templates, color, and highlighting to your draft documents, just as an artist adds touches of color to a picture! The "As-You-Type" AutoCorrect and Spellchecker of Atlantis will guarantee that all your documents have perfect language. You will use the Atlantis encryption function to protect your documents with unassailable 256-bit-strong keys. Atlantis can also zip your documents and attach them to emails. You will Encrypt - Zip - Send by email, only using Atlantis internal commands. You will save your documents as HTML pages later to be posted on your home site. Multiple users will enjoy having each their own configuration of options to launch Atlantis with. Background sounds are available for most of the Atlantis events. If you wish so, you will type to the sound of an old-time typewriter!

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AdsNoMore is a pop-up stopper and banner ad blocker designed to eliminate all of the ads that disrupt your online experience. AdsNoMore will stop adware and spyware pop-ups, web popups from IE, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla and block banners which will result in faster web browsing. It also allows you to block messaging service ads from software such as Kazaa, AIM, MSN, ICQ, etc... AdsNoMore is all you will ever need to keep your computer free of ads.

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Timers OCX

The Timers control is a set of timers that expand on the timer control supplied with Visual Basic. The Timer control supplied with Visual Basic counts in milliseconds, up to about 65 seconds, this suite of timer controls allow over 32,000 hours to be timed. These timers also provide features that should have been included in the VB timer control. STimer - Second timer. MTimer - Minute timer. HTimer - Hour Timer. Wait - Pause the host app

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Movie Review Magic

Imagine having your own movie review web site where you can run an online business, generate real profit, and legally deduct costs of watching movies from your taxes. This software program that will help you do just that -- fast and easy. The program installs with nearly 200 movie entries, and with the ready-made professional templates (which determine the look and feel of your web site), you will have your web site up and running in no time.

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ECS (Event Control System)

Born of our 15 years of experience in automation software development, ECS is an all-purpose automation program suitable for virtually any tasks (in residential, commercial, and industrial environments). Boasting an object-oriented design, ECS is elegantly simple, yet extremely powerful. Tasks may be implemented via schedules or English-like scripts. Accessible via Internet and/or PDA. "Lite" version is $90 and "Complete" version is $340.

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:DaCamYo! - Webcam Software

Capture, upload and archive webcam-images. Make your own webcam-page and start a livesession within 5 minutes. This program is easy to use and includes a few features, you have probably never seen before. For example: style-presets, archive-tools, online-slideshow and live-memo as well as graphic-effects like Mirror, Invert, Grayscale, Blur, Noise, Mosaic, Emboss, Spray, Blend, Mixup and many more. Also, you can combine and save different styles.

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Internet Drummer!

This program works in system tray and checks unlimited number of POP3 e-mail accounts. It executes various types of notifiers whenever there is new e-mail waiting in your mailbox. Preview e-mail while still on server and decide which to keep and which should be removed. Set a list of spam filtering conditions and a list of friendly e-mail notifying conditions. Maintain a list of web pages program should periodically visit and check for changes.

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Stress Management

Computer Home therapy has made the PC into an excellent tool for therapy. This stress herapy program uses light and sound which means visual stimulation through the use of pictures, colors, and live imagery (music and narration from therapists). Begin the therapy now with this two week trial version. The shareware version can be upgraded to the full version for $35 payment to PayPal.

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