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Pad is the world's first powerful text and HTML editor to include both an image viewer and a word processing function. It will work with Windows(tm) 9x, NT, 2000, ME and XP. The new text editor provides syntax highlighting, unlimited undo and redo, a powerful search and replace engine with regular expressions, a block (column) selection mode, line bookmarks and line numbers and it may edit huge documents up to the limit of the virtual memory. Create document classes to define defaults for specific types of documents. In addition to the powerful 20+ text modification features, Projects can be created to restart exactly where you let off. The Glossary feature replaces abbreviations with their equivalents and documents can be printed with syntax highlighting. A file browser, Bookmarks and a templates feature is available. Among Pad's most outstanding features is the Clip manager. This tool manages not only text snippets, but includes a powerful script language, as well. You can use it as a macro player, simply put text snippets into the document or surround the current selection. Also, includes 60+ procedures to display input or prompt dialog boxes, run other tools or to manipulate strings. Full variable support and conditional execution. For web site developers, Pad has a feature to copy HTML Image tags, a HTML mode to automatically convert special characters into HTML code, plus more. Moreover, a handy tab bar, text stistics and a clipboard mirror function to capture its changes can be used. The two toolbars are fully customizable and the image viewer supports the PNG image format. Pad comes with an enhanced documentation and is available in English, German, Spanish and French.

pad 4-0 pad pad 3-0 hesky-data software editor viewer editor and viewer text editor image viewer word processor html editor


ContentKit® - Content Management Tool. Construct Web sites with powerful content management functionality. Easily changed and updated by non-technical-personal. Be free in your Designwork, ContentKit® will not change or modify anything. ContentKit® is a easy-to-use software with integrated WYSIWYG Web authoring. Gives your Clients a maximum of performance for Web sites that often need small updates. ContentKit® is a databased Windows-Application that integrates dynamically text and images in your existing Web site. With a few mouseclicks you can update and change your contents the same as you would work with Text processing. Some Functions: # Easy-to-use with Windows-Application # EditPoints for quick and easy naviagtion between Preview and ContentKit® Database # Double-Mode-Administration: Webdesigner and End User, including with password # Quick and easy implementation # Administration of several Internet-Projects # Import and Export of ContentKit® -Projects # Start your preferred HTML-Editor directly from ContentKit® # Import images with automatic-controled dimensions # Image editing: "Passe-Partout"-, zoom-, rotate-, compression- and borders-funcionality # Edit text, lists, images, hyperlinks, download-links, e-Mails, tables and more # Work with Dreamweaver, FrontPage, GoLive and others # WYSIWYG HTML-Editor (can be enabled) # Local preview (checking before uploading) # Independent from Server OS (Linux, Windows, etc.) # No installation required on Serverside (ISP) # an also be integrated with existing Web sites # No further cost using ContentKit® # Java, JavaScript, Flash and other technologies are supported # integrated FTP-Client for automatic transfer # LineTag: Format Text (with 255 characters) # MemoTag: Format Memos in preferable lenght # ImageTag: Import of GIF-, JPG-, BMP-Images # ListTag: Lists with sort-, filter and link-function # LinkTag: Hyperlinks and E-Mail-Links (http://, mailto://, ftp://, etc.)

cms content management system content management tool content management content content-management contentmanagement content management software web content management cms software development

1st Security Agent

Password-protected security utility for all Windows. Restrict access to Control Panel, disable Start Menu items, hide drives, disable DOS, boot keys, Registry editing, taskbar, task manager, and network access, hide desktop icons, apply password protection to Windows, and disable running applications. Secure Internet Explorer, disable individual menu items and individual tabs in the Internet Options dialog, as well as specific settings from each

password security administrator access control protect privacy restrict lock screen free download security utility

Xilisoft DVD Ripper

An easy DVD ripping tool with high ripping speed. It can backup DVDs into almost all popular video formats such as VCD, SVCD, DivX, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI etc.Xilisoft DVD Ripper has more settings and is easier than ever.You can select subtitle language, movie size,PAL/NTSC,audio volume or bitrate etc. Or keep default settings and rip DVDs in a few clicks. Checks your CPU type automatically to ensure a high ripping speed.

dvd ripper dvd ripping dvd converter dvd copy dvd to vcd dvd to divx dvd to mpeg dvd to avi ripper ripping copy backup dvds vcd

Startup Guru

Startup Guru will manage how your Windows computer starts up each time. You can add, remove or temporarily disable any item. Great for removing adware/spyware or anything else that is slowing down your ability to get started using your computer! Scheduling startup items is another handy feature. Many programs don't need to start right away, so you can set them to start at a specific time after bootup. Doing so allows you to get working faster!

windows startup startup manager boot up sequence free download free trial software programs fast easy quick convenient download shareware

Message Killer

Have you ever had an advertisement pop-up out of nowhere on your desktop? This message was sent to your computer through a built in feature that Microsoft included in your copy of Windows 2000, NT, or XP. These types of spam messages are worse than unwanted e-mail since you dont even need to have an e-mail account or web browser.With Message Killer, you can block these unwanted messages forever with the click of a button!

pop-up messenger spam block blocker ads messages blocks unwanted messenger pop-up ads

MemCheck Pro

MemCheck Pro automatically monitors and Optimizes System Resources. Features include Optimization of lost Resources for System, User and GDI as well as Memory Load, memory types available and free such as Physical (installed memory), Virtual (swap file) and the Page File, unobtrusive display in both graphical and text, Marks the current usage and shows the gain or loss in percentage points, remembers last window position

system resources memory gdi memcheck pro automatically monitors optimizes system resources closing


static content management database static content management database includes ftp client source available

Submitter software: messages boards/guestbooks/blogs

This is a set of php scripts which give you following possibilities: provides submission services, integrated Google support. From now you can add submission URLs using Google engine. http proxy support (proxy authentication support), passrows protected pages ability, full logging stats, support of GET and POST methods! Our messages boards/guestbooks database reached the count of 5000!

submitter guestbook message board blog submission seo search engines optimization website promotion link popularity

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