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TreeNetCopy is a tool that provides file mirroring between Windows NT/2000 boxes using TCP/IP. This utility is designed to replicate repository resources. TreeNetCopy does an automatic file-transfer on both ways of the replica, sending files that have changed or added, to maintain a whole mirror of both sides. The main features this utility provides are: Multiple-sides replication Transfer only modified or newly created files Flexible configuration of TCP/IP components Filter to accept TCP/IP connections Filter of files to be replicated Compression of files before transfer Filter of files to compress Authentication based on challenge/response password Schedule of replica work Able to manage multiple mirror sides Works as a NT/2000 Service Different model of replication behavior: Master/Slave, Peer-to-Peer

ftp mirror directory replication replication transfer high availability ha file replication replica side copy


SnapMail is the cross-platform private messaging and file transfer utility for your office. Instantly send messages, files, reminders, and alerts on your network. Unlike instant messaging, SnapMail uses peer-to-peer technology and does not rely on Internet servers to send mail within your local network. This makes SnapMail a very fast in-house messaging system that complements your Internet email. All of your messaging can be conducted without fear of accidentally sending mail out of your company. In addition, there is no junk mail and no non-company e-mailing. You can be sure that everything in SnapMail is company business. SnapMail also connects remote offices securely across the Internet, creating a "virtual LAN". SnapMail is plug and play software. It installs in a minute and is immediately usable. SnapMail configures itself and finds other users on the network without system administration. SnapMail features include: - Seamlessly send files between Macintosh and Windows computers. - In addition to regular mail messages, send "Snaps" that notify the recipient with an alert pop-up. Respond directly to Snaps with a single mouse click using preconfigured "SnapBacks" (e.g. Take a message for me). - Send reminder messages to yourself or others that will arrive at some future time. - Activate an auto-reply message when you are busy or out of the office - Create templates for text or forms that you send often, including their intended recipients. Identify these templates with color icons that give your mail a personal touch. - Receive return receipts when your mail is read - Send attachments with your mail (including folders) - Manage your mail with folders and full search capability - Proofread your messages using a while-you-type built-in spell checker and spelling suggestions - Create groups, so you can send mail to a number of people with one easy selection - Choose how you will be notified of mail delivery with sounds, icons, and alert boxes

messaging chat file-transfer cross-platform peer-to-peer reminders alerts lan cross-platform private messaging


SnapTalk is the cross-platform private chat and file transfer utility for your office. Instantly send messages and files on your local network. More powerful than standard chat, SnapTalk includes full featured archiving and search of transcripts. In addition, SnapTalk includes customizable "SnapBacks" that let you reply with a single click of the mouse. SnapTalk uses peer-to-peer technology and unlike public chat systems, does not rely on Internet servers. This keeps SnapTalk up and running even if the Internet is down. It also increases security and productivity because all messages are kept in-house. You can be sure that everything in SnapTalk is company business. SnapTalk seamlessly connects Mac and Windows computers! Features include: - Create private virtual LANs across a WAN - Send attachments and folders with your messages - Keep transcripts of your conversations in the searchable archives - Spell-check your messages as you type - Design SnapBacks that let you respond to calls with a single button-click - Create groups, which allow you to talk to multiple people with one easy selection - Choose how you will be notified with sounds and alerts - Activate an auto-reply message when you are out of the office - No Administration needed

messaging chat file-transfer cross-platform peer-to-peer reminders alerts lan cross-platform private chat

Ace CD Burner

ACE CD Burner is a piece of software for burning MP3 or WAV files as CD audio that could be played on car CD player, CD discman, and so on. It includes a CD ripper for ripping CD audio tracks to WAV files, an MP3 player for playing MP3 or WAV files, a CD label maker for designing and printing label for your CD, an MP3 to WAV Converter for converting MP3 files to WAV files.

cd burner mp3 to cd cd writer convert mp3 cd convert wav cd audio cd burner

Flex FX Mac

The Flex FX Au plugin package contains 6 different effect plugins, the Amplitude Modulator, the Chaotic Lowpass Filter, the Chaotic Highpass Filter, the Ensemble effect, the Stereo Feedback Delay and the Fat Resonator. The bundle inludes 15 other plugins.

au audiounit plugin audio effect sound flex fx au plugin package which contains 6

APSW Instant Converter

If you've ever had trouble converting units, or don't know how to turn on a calculator, this is an invaluable tool. A universal conversion program that provides conversion for heat, length, area, weight, volume, time, angular, timezones, power, energy, SI units and Avoirdupois weight and much more. It even comes with a breeding chart most useful for animal husbandry. A very simple, intuitive, useful and nice unit conversion program.

instant converter universal converter unit converter conversion programs simple user friendly unit conversion program complete breeding chart

Logalizer Pro

Handy tool for HTTP server log analysis, it allows you to load the log using a filter, collect referrer and visitor statistics by custom categories (search engines, SW sites, FFAs etc.). Logalizer Pro helps you to sort and filter the documents requested, it creates html and plain text report pages for you, it allows you to visit selected links. After aIl, it is very interesting to know what pages are most popular and where visitors came from.

referer log file analyzer log analysis analyser web site statistics server log files web site reports visitor traffic filters common log file format w3c extended log file format iis log shareware browser

esan MP3 Builder

eSan MP3 Builder is an easy to use software tool helps you to create mp3 files from audio CD tracks or wave files. With this software you can extract your favorite CD tracks to MP3 with 1 or 2 steps even only one click.

cd ripper cd ripping mp3 creator mp3 maker mp3 encode create mp3 audio cd tracks wave files

SiNaC MPThree Alarm Clock

This very simple MP3 alarm clock is all you need to wake up with music you like. It features a very nice graphical user interface using alpha-blending, a user-defined snooze delay and more. All you need to do, is run the program, select your MP3 file, set the wake-up time and go to sleep. It can not go simpler than this. Even better, it's freeware!

mp3 alarm clock mpthree wake snooze simple mp3 alarm clock need wake music

MP3 Stream Editor

Visually edit (cut join) MP3 audio files on a 3D sample display with mouse. Option to repair corrupted MP3 files. Encode, re-encode, convert to WAV, cut and join MP3s, Tag MP3s with a professional ID3v2 Tag editor, or even Record MP3 streams directly. Burn AudioCD or MP3 CD/DVD compilations. Unregistered version is limited to cut/join max. 5 minutes of MPEG stream and Audio CD track grabbing is also limited to 10 tracks per process.

mpeg error correction mp3 error correction mp3 error correct plugin visual visualy visually mp3 mpeg mp2 vbr edit cut join

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