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Visual Integration Studio

Visual Integration Studio is a visual integration design environment for extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) data from any data source ? to any data source using a simple drag and drop, property based interface. Plus, you can code any type of data transformation logic in standard Visual Basic .NET! Visual Integration Studio then compiles your jobs into true .NET executables for the fastest possible speed. Whether you are building integration processes for multiple locations around the world, or you simply need to extract and transform information within your single database environment, Visual Integration Studio will be the tool you want in your toolbox.

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Visual Importer

Imports data into Oracle ,SQL Server, ODBC Databases (Datawarehouses) from flat files, cross tables or ODBC datasources. Very fast and reliable. Uses naitive API (OCI API,BCP API,ODBC API) Capable of performing calculation during import, may also execute SQL statemts before and after import. Integrated expression builder, comprehensive error log, rejected records file. Source Data Filtering

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Visual Importer Professional

Imports data into Oracle ,SQL Server, ODBC Databases (Datawarehouses) from flat files or ODBC datasources. Very fast and reliable. Uses naitive API. Data targets: Oracle 7-9i database (using OCI API) SQL server 7- 2000 (using BCP API) ODBC source (using ODBC API) Data sources: Text files Any ODBC source Repository: MS Access Oracle MS Sql Server Interbase MySQL PostgreSQL This product features: Great performance - hundreds of records per second Comprehensive logging Rejected records file Integrated Expressions builder Allows the user to perform calculation during the loading process such as splitting fields, concatenations, data formatting, and loading cross/pivot tables. Oracle There are two ways of loading available: Oracle direct path loading Conventional path MS SQL server This software uses the same API as Microsoft DTS service. ODBC Any ODBC compliant database. Other features are: Easy Repository switching Data Preview Mapping editor Exports SQL scripts editor Packages editor Integrated Scheduler Logging Lookups Email Notifications File Operations Check Files Compare Files FTP Downloads Applications

oracle ms sql server bcp sql loader odbc etl datawarehouse repository ms access oracle ms sql server


Our tool converts a MS Access database into a SQL Server database, unlike the Microsoft?s UpSize Wizard preserving all table structure details, and supports the conversion of the views and procedures. Moreover, the tool supports solution of structural problems between Access and SQL Server like making the implicit behavior of boolean fields in MS Access explicit in SQL Server by setting the default to FALSE and making the field required. We understand that not everything can be converted automatically. First of all, there is the complexity of translating database functions into their SQL Server counterparts. Add the problem of user-defined functions (in VBA), where VBA code would have to be translated into SQL Server syntax elements in a user-defined function. But there are also decisions to make regarding changes in the client application. Take a view for example with two fields of two different tables with the same name, which is possible in Access but not in SQL Server. MS Access would expose field names like [.] in order to make the name unique, but since SQL Server does not allow such a syntax, the fields would need to get another name; with all consequences for client applications using this view. To deal with all these problems, our tool converts everything it can automatically. All remaining items are identified, the problem is shown clearly to the user, and an interactive mechanism is provided. If, for example, a record could not be inserted due to a constraint violation (a wrongfully inserted date like 1/1/199), this insert instruction is logged in a separate error log, and can be edited and executed. When a referential constraint fails, our tool creates automatically a view in both the source and target database, containing the foreign key records, which don?t match a primary key. Our tool is also prepared to convert from or to other database systems. Starting with version 2.1, any source databases can be converted to SQL Server.

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BMail is a powerful, easy to use mailing list manager that allows you to run unlimited opt-in emailing lists. Send personally customized messages to your customers, subscribers or friends. Quickly de-duplicate, add or remove emails from your list. Built in SMTP server sends your emails automatically.

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DS Clock

DS Clock is a digital desktop clock that displays variable date, time, and time zone information built from a format string. The program allows you to customize its look and feel, and can synchronize your computer's clock with Atomic Time Servers. You can select any combination of date and time, pick custom colors and fonts, set sound to play at the top of the hour. It also allows you to show a tool tip with upcoming reminders of Calendarscope.

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Audiophiler will organize your music collection. You can view and print reports, sort and group by any field. You can keep a record of where and when items were purchased and how much they cost. Loading your music collection is quick and easy. Put a CD in your CD-ROM drive and Audiophiler will download all the album information from the Internet CDDB service and load this into your database with one click of the mouse.

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Minitris Classic

Popular Tetris style logic game. Requires strategical thinking and good and fast eye-hand coordination. Square blocks of various colors are falling from the top of the playing field. Arrange three or more in line and they disappear creating space for more blocks. New scoreboard keeps track of up to 1000 games by up to 100 players. Features stereo sound, personal combination of block colors for each player, expanded context sensitive help.

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Megatec compatible UPS minidriver for Windows 2000/XP. This is a freeware product which allows you to integrate your UPS with power management system of Window 2000/XP (initially Window 2000/XP contains only APC UPS driver). This software was tested with HP-500VA, OPTI-UPS 525 bt, OPTI-UPS 825 bt. It also should be suitable for several UPS models produced by Megatec (the UPS should use Megatec compatible signaling protocol).

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Link Popularity Check

Link Popularity Check is a handy tool for web site owners that allows you to check your link popularity and compare it to your competitors as well as a list of major internet web sites (, etc). It displays the results in an easy to read, color coded report window and also provides some tips for improving your link popularity. The popularity check is based on results from major search engines and Alexa.

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CDSHiELD SE is a CD-Protector Application which can provide a good protection against copying and ripping made from harmful persons. Using CDSHiELD Protection into your 'production' will highly increase piracy protection against 'illegal diffusion' So preserve your works and yours developments invesments.

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