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Automation system for radio stations, clubs, discos, bars, dj parties, sport events and theatrical performances. Simple and easy-to-use interface allows you to start working right after loading the program. Program consists of three parts: Player ? main module of the program. It accomplishes all standard functions for working with playlists: load, save, erase, insert, drag-and-drop, play, rewind and so on, as well as extended functions: tag editor, built-in explorer, quick search, equalizer, cross-fades, schedule and others. Playlist generator ? generator of playlists by templates. This is original and powerful tool for creating new playlists in a few seconds. Music base ? program module for building database for playlist generator and quick search. You will easily scan your hard disk for music files and save them to your music base file. After that you can quick-search through the base, delete, sort tracks, play them and so on. Features: supporting formats: wav, mp3, ogg, wma, indexed music base, second soundcard support, four types of cross-fades, independent pre-listening, silence detector, jingles support, color indication in playlist, profiles support, 12 band equalizer, effects (reverberation, echo, echo 2, flanger 2, dynamp), tempo and pitch bending, converting to mp3 and ogg, notepad (adding text info to tracks), inserting playlists to playlist, loading and playing playlists and files on schedule, two playlists. main (master) and additional (slave), profiles support (different program settings for each user), support of 24 and 32 bit wav files

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P2P Share Spy

Scan the internet for computers with shared files! Browse/download files from remote computers all over the world! Can handle any file type: MP3, MPG, AVI, DIVX, JPG, Etc!

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LiteFTP is a feature-packed FTP server that includes anonymous, shared, group, and superuser access, resume (upload and download), quotas, connection limits, speed per connection limits, advanced access controls, and unlimited accounts. Integrated DynDNS and No-Ip dynamic DNS clients help make LiteFTP a complete and convenient server solution. The administrator is given a precise log of everything that occurs.

server ftp dns log daemon liteftp feature-packed ftp server integrated dyndns no-ip clients

Startup Guru

Startup Guru will manage how your Windows computer starts up each time. You can add, remove or temporarily disable any item. Great for removing adware/spyware or anything else that is slowing down your ability to get started using your computer! Scheduling startup items is another handy feature. Many programs don't need to start right away, so you can set them to start at a specific time after bootup. Doing so allows you to get working faster!

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Netoscope is a simple and effective tool to monitor Internet services such as web, ftp, or mail servers. When a monitored service fails, Netoscope can notify you about it or even correct the problem if possible. This makes it a useful tool on both the server and the client sides.

basta netoscope internet service monitor check notify verify server page e-mail watch web site downtime computing


168767 solved trigonometric problems arranged by complexity and solution methods. All trigonometric functions included. Comprehensive explaining material available in two languages. Proofs of used theorems and formulas. Special options to develop didactic materials, variant tests and lesson plans. MathML support.

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