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The program ABAKU was developed to support test engineers by their work dayly. Standard programs are used for calculating a lot of data, but this program stands for flexibility for new projects and fitting data. The target was to be the fast assistant by the dayly work. Using pocket calculators and formular books should be more rare in future. Even I will recommend ABAKUS for mechanical students, which are working in an engine lab. The program consists of 11 main menus, from where are serving 145 submenus with a lot more calculation modules behind. About the main menus: 1.Power,torque,b.m.e.p. 2.Fuel consumption. 3.Displacement,compressure ratio,air fuel ratio. 4.Turbocharger,-power,-efficiency,pressure ratio. 5.Thermodynamic,p*v^n. 6.exhaust emissions. 7.fuel combustion. 8.heat balance. 9.heat calculation,air,water,water/glysantin-mixture. 10.Bernoulli, liquidity,air. 11.crankshaft-connection rod unit, nozzle geometry, combined engine attitude angle. Equivalent variables are useable in several submenus, this functionality is optional. All important data are be written in a trace file and can be reread at a new program start. Some variables have got an value at the beginning of the program,they may be changed if desired. At the beginning of a new session within the main menu, it will be written a log file containing number of session,date, daytime and a descriptive text for all written data. Though the program ABAKUS itself has a good despription of all variables to give to the input and to calculate, there is an additional html-program to give a better overview of all applicated variables and their units. The structure of this overview is very similar to the calculation program. More information in the html-program is available by using mouse over feature. This program will be developed further, if there is a need by the users.

abakus technics engine calculation combustion gas oil engineer heat balance bernoulli exhaust emission


Powerful Industrial Strength/Research Grade chemical modeling, chemical kinetics and equilibrium software for simulation of combustion, nuclear, biological, enzyme, atmospheric and many other processes via a graphical interface.Kintecus features the ability to quickly run Chemkin/SENKIN II/III models without the use of supercomputing power or FORTRAN compiling/linking. Multiple Chemkin/freestyle thermodynamic databases can be used. Isothermal/Non-isothermal, adiabatic constant volume, constant pressure (variable volume) can easily be modeled with a flick of a switch. Programmed volume (replicating engine piston motion), programmed temperature, programmed species concentration can all easily be included in your model WITHOUT C/FORTRAN programming. Heterogeneous chemistry is also easily modeled. Now can now fit or optimize rate constants, initial concentrations, Lindemann/Troe/SRI/LT parameters, enhanced third body factors, initial temperature, residence time, energy of activation and many other parameters against your experimental/fabricated dataset(s). Kintecus V2.71 has the ability to fit/optimize rate constants, initial concentrations, Lindemann/Troe/SRI/LT parameters, enhanced third body factors, initial temperature, residence time, energy of activation and many other parameters against your dataset(s). Note that Kintecus will actually fit the parameters at EXACTLY the time your data was measured. Unlike other programs, Kintecus DOES NOT interpolate a function against your data and then fit the values against this interpolation. There is no need to ?clean? your data, suggest interpolation methods nor specify timing meshes against your experimental data since Kintecus calculates values at exactly the times you specify in your experimental datafile.

chemical kinetics enzyme kinetics combustion catalyst reactor cstr modeling software equilibrium run chemical

Oracle Query Analyser

Oracle Query is a professional development tool aimed at software developers exposed to the data services tier of n-tier software applications. The product allows rapid transact SQL development against an Oracle database through an intuitive Windows graphical user interface. Linux and Solaris versions available soon.

oracle transact sql query tools database software csv

Leap SE

Leap SE is a RAD CASE tool that translates natural English into object models for software development, greatly accelerating the systems analysis process. Business rules are automatically converted into both object models and data models of the subject system. In addition, Leap SE is a requirements repository fully integrated with MS Access. Data model output, in the form of SQL, can be run in an RDBMS to produce entity-relationship diagrams.

rapid application development case tools business rules requirements engineering rad systems engineering system requirements object models systems analysis project management software from english deterministic phraseology leap systems leap

CSS Quick Backup

Backup utility with Windows Explorer integration. Backups are created and scheduled using the Job Wizard. The Restore Wizard is used to restore files either to their original locations or an alternate location. The Main Console graphically displays the execution history results and provides access to log files showing all the backup activity. Includes File Sentry, which monitors your files and creates a backup copy every time they change.

backup file backup file utility file backup utility windows backup windows backup utility full windows explorer integration

Sub Hunter

Remember the video games of the "good old days?" Well now the arcade action is back! The goal in Sub Hunter is simple: sink wave after wave of the enemy subs before they sink you. Along the way, grab the various power-ups for secret powers and big scores!

sub hunter subs depth charge arcade action remember video games good old days


Pageload is a copy utility to load a web page from the browser to the PC with one click only. All images are loaded to the PC as well. All hyperlinks to other web pages work from the local web page. The files are copied from the browser cache or from the web. Pageload is also a web security tool. It informs about properties of web pages, warns about harmful web pages and protects from dangerous web pages accessing files on the PC.

copy utility offline browser web page web security html internet explorer netscape windows shareware pageload web copy web security


There is a number of the equipment controlled through a serial port from a PC or a terminal. Also there is a lot of the technologies in the market allowing to operate remotely the consecutive devices through the network TCP/IP. These solutions contain, both software and the hardware. Now with AVUSBD you can: -Create virtual USB devices at your PC -Redirect all USB stream to remote computer

virual serial ports driver com ports serial streams windows xp ddk virtual ports fake serial ports driver virtual ports serial vspd virtual com driver emulation serial streams full emulation serial port functions

3D Dragon Castle

Are you a fan of classic video games? In 3D Dragon Castle, the new retro arcade game from MVP, you get tons of video game excitement, in glorious 3D graphics. The action is fastpaced and builds through each level. Clear each castle by destroying the enemy dragons and monsters while avoiding spiked balls and lava pits. Unlock secret passages and earn points by collecting magical treasures. Kids love 3D Dragon Castle and adults do too.

mvp dragon castle classic arcade games retro webfoot 3d retro style 3d side scrolling

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