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OverHead is a church song organizer, player simular to Microsoft Powerpoint. It's designed to allow churches to organize their songs into a list to be shown during a service. Features include... * Spell checker * dual monitor support * search engine * 150 slide transitions * live editor * lightweight * gradient and jpeg backgrounds * flexible fonts and styles

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Portuguese Churches Screen Saver

This screen saver includes copyrighted photographs by Izhar Perlman.These photographs can be bought as a limited edition prints, signed and numbered by the artist.For more information: www.izhar.tvIf you want to use the photographs for any other purpose other than displaying the photographs on your monitor, please email your request to:

portugal churches screen saver artistic old romantic beautiful special photographs old

Ministry Assistant

Ministry Assistant is a church management software package aimed especially at churches with a small group program. It offers many of the features you would expect from church management software, such as tracking membership, visitors, activities, equipping, pastoral care, meetings, library items, and contributions. In addition, the program also helps you keep track of all that is happening in your small group structure. Ministry Assistant features flexible reporting with the option of saving to several popular file formats. It also features mail merge, built-in e-mail to both individuals and groups, and can easily be used in a multi-user environment. The powerful Meeting Manager allows you to keep track of attendance and visitors at your worship services and other church events. Here is some of what the program can help you do: Maintain information about each person and household in your church (including their picture), maintain information about each small group in your church, track small group meetings and attendance, maintain information about the activities and ministries in your church, track attendance at meetings, track visitors to your church, track classes and seminars offered by your church and who attended, track the pastoral care given to persons in your church, track contributions made by the people in your church, keep track of items in your church library. Other features include integration with Microsoft Office products, built-in e-mail support, and full network support.

church management administration members visitors attendance contributions activities equipping pastoral care meetings


This software has been designed for use in churches for displaying songs, teaching notes, messages, and bible references. It has been optimized for ease of viewing and to be easy to use. Viewability is maximized with features such as: -Smooth scrolling (as in TV credits) where each song remembers its scroll speed. -Automatic font, sizing, and color, enabling teaching notes, for example, to automatically be displayed in the format that is best for a particular room, thus taking into account any lighting, color combination limitations. Ease of use is evident ii song selection in that by typing the required song number and pressing enter the song is displayed. You can easily preview presentation slide titles to skip through a presentation without needing a dual monitor computer. ShowNak can be used for free, even after the 30-day trial, by individuals to view any teaching notes created with ShowNak.

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Smartroster is the best new way to create superb rosters or schedules for Churches, Clubs, and similar family based groups. SmartRoster saves time through reduced tedious data entry, and is extremely easy to use. SmartRoster improves communication with automatically highlighted names, email-enabled reports, and automatic email reminders. SmartRoster Is Fair. It removes bias when selecting people for a roster and evens out utilization, taking into account availability, work-together preferences, and usage targets. SmartRoster eliminates clashes and mistakes. It helps you remember who can perform what roles and how often, and who is available for which service (meeting). It takes all personal preferences and absences into account and builds a roster that suits the most possible needs. SmartRoster's is not denomination specific. Features include: - Store individual and family contact details - Store absences as idividual dates (no limit), or a pattern of dates - Specify whether individuals prefer to work together in the same event or not - Allocate individuals to households and groups. Absences or work-together preferences for groups, which will apply to each individual in the group - Allocate individual, household or groups to services - Import personnel data in comma/tab delimited value format - Assign each person to custom defined roles - Optionally set how often to schedule each person in each role - Evenly distributes usage among all people in each role - Find the best schedule from 100s of possibilities - Schedule from days to years! - Schedule multiple services per days and for special one-off events - Build a roster manually, semi manually, or completely automatically as desired - Each service can have a unique set of required roles - Creates personalised rosters with recipient's name pre-highlighted - Export roster to PDF format or MS Word - Address Book generation

scheduling church management software ministry scheduling services mass eucharist windows volunteer really easy volunteer

Worship Him!

Worship Him is a song presentation program for churches that project the lyrics to songs as they are sung during a worship service. With Worship Him's multiple monitor support, your song is spread out before you in it's component pieces (verses, choruses and bridges), and displaying a song piece is as simple as clicking on it. Automatically track song usage, quickly bring up songs for display whether planned or spontaneous, easily customize display options like: background images, text colors, centering, shading, spacing, and more. Also features operator notes for each song, full search, support for nursery messages, Powerpoint, audio and video clips,and Shockwave/Flash files.

worship him song presentation church worship music multiple monitor freedom software lyric projection worship


See beautiful churches from across the lands. 35 photos of Old castle-like to small country to victorian type churches, accompanied by an optional soundtrack of MIDI-based tunes. Features include your choice of up to 23 transition effects, Microsoft Plus! support, the option to show images full-screen or at original size, plus the ability to set the delay between slide changes. Also included is a tray-based utility that lets you activate any installed Windows screen saver, change the default monitor protector, access screen-saver settings, and randomly launch a new monitor protector at regular intervals or when Windows restarts. This nag-free trial version may be enjoyed up to a full week.

churches-religion religious nexusmedia nexus 35 photos old castle-like small country victorian

Scripture Challenge

Scripture Challenge is an in-depth Bible question and answer game, containing over 3600 questions gathered from the Old and New Testaments. Interesting facts are presented as questions in a quiz-like environment, and users are prompted for the correct answers. The questions are grouped into dozens of categories, such as "Word meanings", "The Prophets", "Books of the Bible" and "Geography of the Bible". At the conclusion of each quiz, your score will be saved to disk, and entered into the Score History table. Scripture Challenge offers a unique and enjoyable method of learning more about your Bible. Rather than simply reading specific lesson materials, this program allows you to learn a variety of Bible facts through a series of thought provoking questions. You?ll start by selecting your general area of inquiry. Here you?re offered subject matter that is grouped into 27 different categories from both the Old and New Testaments. Typical question topics include: Word Meanings, The Prophets, Books of the Bible, Geography of the Bible, Elijah versus Elisha, Acts and Journeys of the Apostles, Letters (Epistles) to the Churches and Believers, and many more. The program presents the information as a series of multiple choice questions or short fill-in-the-blank type responses. Although some of the questions might prove difficult for some novices, most questions are very reasonable and quite thought provoking. All you need to do to play the game is select, or enter, the correct response to each question. Both correct and incorrect answers are acknowledged by the program and Scripture Challenge tracks your scores for each session. Once you?ve selected an answer, in addition to telling you whether your response is correct, the program also displays the Bible chapter and verse where you can find the answer.

bible game quiz test questions answers testament bible question answer game

The Pastor's Study

The Pastor's Study is a productivity tool to help a pastor organize his daily tasks. Document all his sermons. Enter the message title and the primary Biblical reference. Add unlimited additional Biblical references. Copy the Bible text from a Bible Study program and paste it into the Pastor's Study program. All Bible references have a field for the translation used. Maintain a list of all the churches the sermon has been preached. Use the query generator to view specific criteria for your sermons. The library section can have all your valuable books and other types of research material. Enter unlimited numbers of subjects which are cross referenced with your sermons. Print a report of all your books for insurance purposes. Organize every resource using the Dewey decimal system. To make the program complete you can maintain contacts with optional bulk email, illustrations, and password protected counseling notes, a visitation diary, and prayer list, expense tracking and reporting.

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