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MindChart Business-Edition

Mind Mapping involves writing down a central idea and thinking up new and related ideas, which radiate out from the center. By focusing on key ideas written in your own words, and then looking for branches out and connections between the ideas, you are mapping your thoughts in a manner which will help you understand and remember new information better. Mind Mapping Benefits are: Focus on main ideas and relationships. Improve the flow of thoughts. Organize and recollect thoughts using the mental paths that offer least resistance. Record large number of thoughts as main branches and their sub-branches revolving around one central main thought or topic. Represent large number of complex thoughts in a compact and visually appearing manner.

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WhizFolders Organizer Pro

Use an explorer-style list to create, outline and brainstorm your notes and ideas. Unique hyperlink enabled interface for an organizer and a word processor combined with a clipboard collector. Helps you write hyperlinked, well-connected notes so that you can find, review and brainstorm your ideas more effectively. Quickly find, edit, and create notes and link them together all at the click of a button. WhizFolders makes it simple to group, outline, and cross reference your notes like never before--with just a drag and drop! WhizFolders works like you do--your mind creates links to related pieces of information--and with this tool you can easily perform the same task. You can even link to external files, web sites, e-mail addresses and more. Using the handy Clipboard Watch utility, WhizFolders can keep a copy of anything you copy to the clipboard organized as part of your notes. Use WhizFolders to store the notes during a meeting or a study, list of things to do, ideas, recipes, business contacts, bibliographic references and so much more! Perfect for researchers, writers, journalists, business persons, students, teachers, doctors, lawyers--in fact, for anyone who needs to better recall and understand his or her daily notes. Never lose another important tidbit of information again with WhizFolders.

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Domain Name Pro

Find the ultimate popular domain name using the powerful brainstorming features of a built-in automatic thesaurus, search engine popularity database with 500,000 terms, link popularity search, an advanced word search with word groups allowing mutually exclusive domain name parts and custom positioning and optional/mandatory settings, and an advanced pattern search with 6 wildcards and optional and alternative domain name parts. For a simple word search for a domain name such as "home loan" with all options enabled Domain Name Pro can automatically generate and check almost 500 related domain names in less than a minute! Some example domain names generated include "homeloan", "equityhomeloan", "homeloancalculator", "homecredit", "houseloan" and many more, each checked in the domains selected (from a list of more than 500 including .com, .biz, .info, and .us). Domain Name Pro also includes automatic acronyms, and Net Speak(tm), a feature that generates alternative spellings to domain names, such as "4kidz" for the words in the domain name "for kids". Other features include automatic calculation of search engine popularity, web site competition rating and domain name effectiveness index (TM) for generated domain names, identifying expired and expiring domain names, direct trademark searches, direct registration of available domain names, browsing to the web site of registered domain names, filtering, sorting, printing, and exporting search results, free upgrades, 500+ domains including .info, .com,, and hundreds more, configurable search performance, support for SOCKS firewall and HTTP proxy servers, built-in current domain name news, saving and loading custom word lists, patterns and domain selections, automatic data file updates, and much more! For a comparison of Domain Name Pro with other domain name search tools see the Feature Comparison page at

domain name search whois link popularity utility tool web address url

ConceptDraw Project

Project management application ConceptDraw Project will make your plans come true! Use ConceptDraw Project to organize and manage projects with clear, attractive Gantt charts, WBS charts and MindMaps. Share your projects across Mac and Windows. Intuitive and versatile, it gives you you simple way to create clear, nice-looking project plans in minutes. It's perfect for professional project managers and everybody who wants to plan their activities effectively. Key Features: - Work with projects of any size and length - Make a quick start with Project Assistant - Brainstorm and generate your project from MINDMAP - Generate project status reports - Export/import project data to Microsoft Project XML - MS Outlook synchronization - Publish your projects to the Web - Email your projects and project reports as PDF files. Key Features - Work with project of any size ConceptDraw Project allows to work with very large projects, containing up to 1000 tasks and 100 resources. - Project Assistant The special wizard allows you to start working on a new project in a few quick steps. - Libraries of Goals, Risks and Obstacles Lots of standard examples of goals, risks and obstacles are organized in task-related libraries and help to speed up creating a new project when using the Project Assistant. - Multi-line cut and paste Easily copy and paste blocks of activities and move them between projects. - Unlimited nested tasks on Task List A task can have as many levels of subtasks as you wish, allowing you describe tasks in detail. - Report Generator for project reports Use Report Generator to create dynamic reports and get full and comprehensive information about the situation in the project. -Publishing to Web Publish project plans on your Intranet. By exporting your project timeline to HTML and PDF you can easily publish it on the Internet and share between the colleagues in your workgroup. - Import/Export to Microsoft Outlook, MS Project etc

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Visual Mind

Are you "juggling many balls" at the same time? Do you have problems with "information overflow"? Visual Mind is software that will improve your thinking and information management. It is brilliant for storing and organizing all kinds of information, thoughts, ideas, plans and knowledge. Visual Mind is the ideal tool for all sorts of Organizing, Planning, Brainstorming, Note-taking, Outlining, Creative thinking, Studying and learning, Decision making, Knowledge management, E-learning, Presentations, Summaries, Mind mapping, Concept mapping, Internet favorites organizer and more.

mind mapping planning organizing outlining brainstorming thinking studying project organizer information management

Brainstorm Bungy

Do not be afraid - this is not about jumping off a bridge with a rubber band attached to your legs. The only stretching here is of minds as Brainstorm Bungy facilitates group brainstorming sessions. It provides a powerful, yet simple means of recording ideas and then evaluating them against agreed and weighted criteria. - Quick to set up, yet flexible and simply fun to use - Very visual and ideal for use with a projector or a large screen. - Triggers prompt for ideas when the action slows down. - Sound effects add to the fun, but are also optional. - A countdown timer controls the brainstorming session. - Ideas are evaluated against agreed criteria. - Save brainstorming sessions for later review or printing. Brainstorm Bungy follows a 5 step process; 1. Define your Mission. Very important as it directly influences the brainstorming focus. 2. Brainstorm Ideas. The fun part where anything goes and nothing should be disregarded. 3. Define Criteria. Decide how you will sort out the best ideas. 4. Evaluate Ideas. Using the criteria from Step 3 of course. 5. Summarize. Not really a step but a place to bring everything together. You can learn all about Brainstorm Bungy and download a full trial version by visiting

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1st Position

1st Position is a search engine optimization tool that will help you on search engine promotion. It will help you discover and choose the right keywords that will get the most traffic to your Website and maximize your Website's Search Engine Ranking. It will generate and analyze the most popular keywords & keyword phrases related to your business. Other features are: HTML doorway page generator, top keywords, search engine spider simulator.

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No Fuss Screenshot

No Fuss Screenshot is a Windows utility that allows users to quickly make screenshots. This powerful, yet easy-to-use utility enables you to move from the often tedious and time-consuming task of capturing images to a fast and straightforward process. A wizard will guide you through making the screenshots.

screenshot screen capture printscreen print screen easy no fuzz shareware printscreen area window no Euro Converter

Small but useful utility that allows for quick conversion from Euros to the "old" currencies of Euro-countries, and vice versa. Features: sits in system tray, Always On Top

euro conversion currency euro conversion utility sits system tray

Account Pro

User-friendly network-capable multi-currency accounting program for small businesses, institutions, and private users. Multi-system (British/American and European), multi-currency, and multilingual with English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Swedish and Dutch. Numerous options allow adaptation of the program to practically any accounting needs.

accounting shareware account pro general ledger accsoft network-capable double-entry accounting program business private

Public OutLook

Outlook als Netzwerkversion ohne MS Exchange (shared PST) Public OutLook ermöglicht den Zugriff auf eine zentrale Outlook PST Datendatei für alle Benutzer eines Netzwerkes gleichzeitig. Diese Outlook Netzwerk Lösung bietet für jeden Benutzer individuell einstellbare Rechte und ist innerhalb kürzester Zeit auch ohne große Administrationskenntnisse installierbar, unabhängig ob Sie eine Client/Server oder ein Peer-to-Peer Netzwerk haben.

outlook gemeinsame pst pst public outlook netzwerk pst outlook add-on outlook add-in exchange gemeinsame kontakte gemeinsamer kalender outlook-netzwerk email emailclient emailserver

Boss Everyware

A comprehensive tool for monitoring software and internet usage. It includes a highly controllable logger, powerful log analyzer and custom deployment packages. Boss Everyware captures software titles, visited URLs, keystrokes, window titles, users? inactivity. Logs can be written into CSV, dBase or encrypted files or silently e-mailed. Reports based on captured information provide filtering, sorting and grouping of logged data.

monitoring tracking metering software computer usage activity keylogger time user use comprehensive tool software

Power Phone Book for MS Access

Power Phone Book was Microsoft Office Extensions prize-winner. Power Phone Book is the tool to manage your contacts. You can store in Power Phone Book different information: names, phone numbers, url, addrees, email address, ICQ UIN and more. Power Phone Book features pleasant interface, the ability to export text to HTML and Excel file, powerfull search system, ability to automatically save you bases periodically, dialer, and more.

personal info manager pim phone address book email icq dialer program combines simplicity usage pleasant interface power

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