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WorkoutGenerator is a revolutionary tool for creating fresh weightlifting and aerobics programs! Each workout is custom designed so that you can lose weight, gain muscle, and get healthy! Log your workouts and body measurement to keep track of your progress. WorkoutGenerator includes a database of more than 80 weight lifting exercises and more than 20 aerobic exercises. Use of the program gives you free access to the portal. The portal contains a wealth of information about weightlifting, aerobics, nutrition, and more! The all new attractive and intuitive interface makes WorkoutGenerator a breeze to use! Need to burn off some calories quickly? Simply enter the number of calories and the number of minutes, and WorkoutGenerator will find some aerobic exercises to help you shed those extra pounds! Want to get stronger, get bigger, or just get healthier? WorkoutGenerator is your solution. WorkoutGenerator includes all the tools you need for a fresh weightlifting routine. WorkoutGenerator will not give you any exercises that you do not have the equipment to do! WorkoutGenerator can print your workout so that you can bring it to the gym with you. And if that is not enough, WorkoutGenerator is free! WorkoutGenerator is provided to you for free using the adware distribution method. With the help of WorkoutGenerator, you can succeed in your fitness program! Best of luck!

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AidAim SQLMemTable - FREE!

SQLMemTable is a fast and easy-to-use in-memory table and query components library for Delphi and C++ Builder. It does not require BDE and provides all the TTable functions such as master / detail relationship, filtering, searching, sorting, blob fields, key and range methods, as well as some advanced features like blob fields compression and Unicode support. SQLMemTable provides the following services: - SQL (DML & DDL) commands support; - master / detail relationship; - creating, renaming, emptying, deleting and restructuring tables; - creating, editing, deleting, browsing and searching for records; - creating and deleting multiple indexes; - calculated and lookup fields; - filtering support; - BLOB fields compression; - importing from and exporting to any dataset in fast and easy way; - internationalization / localization and Unicode support. SQLMemTable is a fully functional in-memory database system; it includes table and query components as well as useful utility (with source code), demos and comprehensive help. SQLMemTable does not require BDE or any external drivers and has small footprint.

in memory table in-memory database sql query bde alternative replacement borland

Database Workshop

Database Workshop is a professional multifunctional tool for working with databases and database objects. It uses the modern plug-in module technology that combines flexibility and versatility for working with various databases. First and foremost, Database Workshop is a data processing solution with data analysis options that can copy, export and import data to other tables. Currently, the program supports InterBase, MySql, Ms Sql, Ms Access, DBISAM, FlashFiler, KeyDb, EasyTable, TinyDb, VolgaDb, Clarion, Paradox and dBase databases. Using Database Workshop, you can perform data manipulations within a fraction of time and with much less efforts it used to take you before.

database interbase dbase paradox mysql bde delphi database workshop 5 program

Database Manager

This tool will support you in your database management activities for dBase-compatible tables, especially if you are a user of Vista Software's Apollo Database engine or the Advantage TDataSet descendant or MySQL tables. Supported functions are: Table creation (generates table creation source code for BDE engine, Apollo driver, Advantage driver), converts between Windows and DOS charset, XML export of tables for easy, standardized data exchange, table encryption, packing tables (permanent removes "deleted" (hidden) records), supports deletion, adding, editing and converting database records, displays table statistics, displays and prints table structure, displays index keys and orders, changing of active index order, undeletion of individual or groups of records, supports Clipper-, FoxPro-, and HiPer-SIx indexes and more!

database databases free foxpro fox foxbase foxbasepro hiper-six hipersix clipper dbase

Luxena dbExpress driver for Informix Lite

Is a nice alternative to Borland's one by means of excellent design, good performance, mature bugless status, wide range of supported Informix Servers and advanced features. Luxena dbExpress driver for Informix Lite main features: - Old name of Luxena dbExpress driver for Informix Lite is dbExpress for Informix; - Along with release of Luxena dbExpress driver for Informix Pro name of dbExpress for Informix also known as dbexpInformix were changed to Luxena dbExpress driver for Informix Lite..

informix bde migration ado alternative easy deployment shareware kylix linux delphi

Luxena dbExpress driver for Informix Pro

This driver is designed for use with Borland dbExpress components and for administration of the Informix database server. The driver uses the Informix Client API without any intermediate layers like BDE or ADO. This ensures an excellent performance and reliability. The driver is very good BDE and ADO alternative. Luxena dbExpress driver for Informix Pro main features: - BLOB, CLOB, LVARCHAR and other complex data types can be easily accessed via the driver as it supports all Informix data types; - Easy deployment. Due to the connection string feature, all Informix connectivity parameters may be adjusted in the application (setnet32 is no longer needed); - Application server performance is much improved, especially compared to Borland driver based solutions; - Query execution break (an exclusive feature of the driver) gives your applications even more control over database communication; - Using the driver Pro you can access the Informix connection area, allowing you to gain more functionality based on specific Informix features.

dbexpress ado bde alternative migration data type blob clob lvarchar int8

Luxena dbExpress eXtension

dbExpress eXtension is a component set for Delphi, C++Builder and Kylix development IDEs. The set is a successor of Borland dbExpress components and is a great help for dbExpress developer. dbExpress eXtension is unique BDE and ADO alternative for dbExpress development. Luxena dbExpress eXtension main features: - Db-aware controls (grid, etc.) link directly to our datasets. TClientDataSet and TDataSetProvider are no longer needed to display data from dataset; - Multi-table join, stored procedure, union results can be easily edited with TDBXUpdateSQL that links to any eXtension dataset; - Multi-database development is much easier with eXtension. Write and support only one special MacroSQL for different databases; - Migrating from BDE and ADO to dbExpress is much easier with dbExpress eXtension components, due to the simple and familiar interface.

dbexpress ado bde alternative migration simpledataset tsqlclientdataset tclientdataset dbaware db-aware data-aware

Luxena Informix Data Access Components

This component set provides interaction between VCL (Delphi/C++Builder) based applications and Informix database server. IDAC is based on the native Informix Client API. This ensures excellent performance and reliability. IDAC is very good BDE and ADO alternative. Luxena Informix Data Access Components main features: - Well-known BDE-like interface with familiar set of components, such as Query, Table, UpdateSQL, etc. Every component has BDE-like usage; - No BDE, ADO or dbExpress. Using IDAC, there is no need to use any intermediate layer (with its own bugs) to work with Informix; - Advanced development. Object Pascal translation of Informix connectivity API and diagnostic structures allow you to easily create applications with advanced features; - Query execution break gives your application more control over the database communication while still being user-friendly; - Easy deployment. All Informix connectivity parameters can be defined through TIfxConnection parameters, so there is no need to configure Informix client.

native informix api direct access query execution break bde ado alternative


MetaReport allows you to build any reports: from simple data retrieval to complex professional reports. Using MetaReport you can easily create reports from data stored in Access or Paradox database as well as from Oracle or MS SQL database servers. MetaReport supports most data source formats: Access, dBase, Paradox, MS SQL, Oracle, InterBase and others. Next time you run a created report, it will be with one mouse click and save report results into a specified format. MetaReport supports exporting to many popular file formats: TXT, WMF, HTML, RTF, XLS, PDF, CSV. You can specify report parameters using a simple dialog box before generating. For developers: you can easily integrate MetaReport with your application using the ActiveX object. Main MetaReport features: Data access. While accessing data, MetaReport uses the ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) and BDE (Borland Database Engine) technologies without the need to have BDE installed. In this case, MetaReport can access the database with only using ADO. Powerful designer allows you to create quite complex reports to meet nearly all requirements. The report parameters dialog box allows you to specify various parameters of data retrieval without modifying the report itself. To create a dialog box, MetaReport has a visual constructor. Saving results in various formats. MetaReport supports exporting to the following file formats: TXT, WMF, XLS, HTML, RTF, PDF, CSV (comma-separated text). The built-in ActiveX object allows you to easily use MetaReport in your applications created in any development environment. At the same time, MetaReport will work with your application as a whole. Locking the report designer allows to protect ready report projects from an unintentional change by an inexperienced user.

database activex meta sql ado bde report designer constructor export rtf

INCREDIBLE - Die projektbezogene Zeiterfassung.

INCREDIBLE - Die projektbezogene Zeiterfassung. Das Softwarepaket incredible! beinhaltet standardmässig zwei Module, die im folgenden als Incredible Office und als Incredible Touch bezeichnet werden. Wie der Name schon sagt, wird die Office-Version im Bürobereich eingesetzt. Die Touch-Version hingegen wurde als sogenannte Touch-Screen Lösung konzipiert und kommt vorwiegend im Fertigungsbereich ( Werkstatt ) zum Einsatz. Selbstverständlich können beide Module kombiniert werden um gleichzeitig den Büro wie auch den Fertigungsbereich vollständig abzudecken. INCREDIBLE ist besonders zu empfehlen, wenn Sie projekt- bzw. auftragsbezogen arbeiten. Sie können Ihre Projekte/Aufträge in beliebig viele Einzelpositionen unterteilen. Ist ein Auftrag mit seinen Positionen erstellt, können Ihre Mitarbeiter anfallende Stundenaufwendungen direkt dem Auftrag bzw. der jeweiligen Position zubuchen. Somit ist es für Sie möglich jederzeit und auf Knopfdruck einen Auftrag auszuwerten. Dadurch, dass jeder Einzelposition eine sogenannte Vorgabezeit zugewiesen werden kann, ist es möglich beim Erstellen des Auftrages eine einfache Vorkalkulation durchzuführen. Durch eine sogenannte Ampellogik wird dem Mitarbeiter beim Buchen der Stunden farblich der Stand eines Auftrages mitgeteilt. Erklärung der Ampellogik : Grün : Der Auftrag bzw. das Projekt ist noch im grünen Bereich. Gelb : Aufgepasst, langsam sollte der Auftrag fertig werden. Rot : Schade, wir haben wohl gearbeitet wie die wilden, aber es bleibt nichts übrig. INCREDIBLE hilft Ihnen dabei, soviel Projekte/Aufträge als möglich im grünen Bereich abzuschliessen.

zeiterfassung projektabrechnung projekterfassung stundenabrechnung leistungserfassung betriebsdatenerfassung bde auftragsbearbeitung arbeitszeiterfassung stempelzeiten stempeluhr

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