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AstroRaid is a crazy retro style vertical scrolling space shooter with cool enemies, weapons, and bonuses that will glue you to your computer for a few weeks. The fate of humanity is in your hands! The Earth is in the danger of being destroyed by a fast spreading alien virus that kills anybody it infects. The only hope is a vaccine that was developed on a remote space station by our scientists. You are now on your way back with the precious cargo on board, when you start to understand that the virus was intentionally introduced. How do you know it? Simple - it seems that everything goes wrong on your way back. First, someone tried to kill you while you were inside the space station. Second, unknown forces tried to sabotage your ship launch, but you found the fuel leakage just in time. Finally, you found a bomb on board. And now this - hordes of UFOs and alien ships are getting more and more fierce as you approach the Earth to save its inhabitant's. Captain, it's not going to be easy, but with some skills and doggedness you can do it. Just keep your thumb close to the Fire button.

vertical scrolling space shooter astroraid astro raid invaders galaxian galaga raptor


Cubewar2003 is a 3D worms clone for two players that takes place in a cubular world in space. Every player has six bases and must destroy the bases of the other player. The players shoot after each other and not simultaneously. You shoot from the point of view of the different bases.

worms blast baller cubeworld astro cubewar2003 3d worms clone two players

Kairon 3

Apple Mac OS X 10.3 or higher Astrology Calculation Software in German and in English (both in one file) Astronomical Calculations: SwissEphemeris by Astrodienst Zuerich Atlas: ACS Astro Communication Service in Sandiego, CA - Mini Atlas with over 9.000 locations (default) - Full Atlas with over 250.000 locations (an additional 5MB download) - full support of daylight saving times worldwide! File Format: AAF database files: a document can hold any number of charts Graphic output: rendered via apples Quartz system in pdf Compiled: gnu compiler, written in Cocoa and C kinds of charts: (all combinable) topocentric, geocentric, heliocentric, tropical, sidereal (supporting 21 different Anayamsas), 19 supported aspects, 60 defaulted Objects, 11 user definable asteroids: (by list of over 11400 objects) 11 user definable arabic points: (by list of over 300) 14 popular house systems: Solar, Null, Koch, Placidus... glyphs: free choice of any font and any color preferences: are set independent of chart data output of data: .pdf, .eps, .tif, .aaf, .txt, .rtf partner features: synastry, composite, combine, overlaying and rotating of transparent chart windows transits: graphic and text with stepper and search function harmonics: a stepper will step through 78 harmonics, in addition any number can be entered progressions: by birthday and by indexday directions: primary, secondary return charts: solar return (inside and outside), lunar return (inside and outside) planetars: any planetar is supported eclipses: solar (local and global), lunar (global) occultations: all planets and asteroids that are shaded by the moon are calculated texteditor: built in, can deal with rtf and plain text aspectarium: shows the orbis and if applying or separating, the graphic lines show the strength of an aspect by means of thickness support: via apple help, via tutorial (under construction) and via forum languages: at present German, English and Japanese are available

apple mac os x 10-3 astrology software shareware swissephemeris acs atlas aaf cocoa sidereal


astro solar orbit planet gravity asteroid newton kepler nasa orbital inclination


Click & paste or drag archived text into web forms, word processing software, spreadsheets, etc! Archived text retains your font, font size and any other rich text characteristics. Ideal for credit card numbers, passwords, and any canned comments. Compact design stays on top of other applications.

clipboard drag click copy paste clippings archive paste drag archived text documents web forms

Easy Watermark Creator

Easy-to-use tool for addition of visible watermarks to your pictures and photos. The watermarks can contain text, image, color, which can be solid or semi-transparent. Areas where can you apply this program: protection from unauthorized use your pictures published on the Web, using this program as image constructor by addition GIF-files with transparent backgrounds, drawing of textures on your pictures, rendering your pictures.

watermark watermark images watermark program batch mode easy watermark watermark creator jpg compression watermark tools jpeg watermark watermark jpg adding watermark copy watermark watermark creator program copyright picture

QK SMTP Server

QK SMTP Server is a powerful but easy-to-use smtp server software. QK sends mails from local host to the recipients' mailboxes directly at an amazingly high speed, you will get a feedback instantly.It also can work with most mail clients, such as Outlook Express, Eudora, IncrediMail, the Bat!, Mutt, KMail, Pegasus, DevMail, Mail Bomber, Delta Mail, Foxmail;It can also work with most bulk mail software, let mail clients send newsletters faster!

qk smtp server smtp server software mail client software mail server mailboxes email server port server thread send mails local host recipients mailboxes

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor teaches the skill of touch typing in an accessible step-by-step way. It provides full and proper QWERTY and Dvorak tuition with U.S and British keyboard support. Features include: network support, a range of feedback options, and automatic weighting of lessons to get you learning most effectively. Suitable for learners of all ages; it is used in homes, schools, universities and businesses. Friendly and easy to use.

ten thumbs typing tutor type typing teach learn learn to type mavis beacon touch typing keyboard keyboarding typist typed skill

EMail Delivery Engine

E-Delivery Engine is a high-performance software for opt-in email marketing campaigns, email announcement lists and newsletters . The offered feature set is the most comprehensive version of our industry-leading email marketing software. Flash Animation movies can be embedded in your email message. Unlike other email sending products our tool gives You an unique ability to send Flash movies not as referenced file but as embedded .

email marketing software bulk email software e-delivery engine software opt-in email marketing campaigns

Shut Up And Reboot

Easily record, update and report on users, computers, peripherals, software, user training and support issues. The optional HTTP Server allows users to request support via browser, and lets technicians update support requests and inventory information via browser, as well. The spread sheet wizard lets you create reusable layouts and apply filters using the Query Wizard before creating Excel format spread sheets.

help desk computer inventory pc support easy help desk program optional browser interface using http server


Bring digital photos to life with dynamic collage effects. Create slideshows with multiple images (JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIF) onscreen, background images, and audio tracks (MP3, WMA, and WAV). Apply predefined show styles or create your own custom show styles. Synchronize content of your shows to folders. Play shows in window or full screen. Export shows as screensavers or Bravo! Archived Media (BAM) files for playing in free Bravo! Player.

slideshow screensaver collage image audio photo bam bravo create dynamic collage effects photos background

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