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SQL Toast

SQL Toast is a development tool that provides a complete development environment written to work with Sybase Adaptive Sever. Everything is contained in one executable that can be installed in any directory on the client machine. The only requirement is the user must have Sybase client software installed.

sybase query tool sybase ase query devlopment tool

VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase ASE

VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase ASE is a dbExpress driver for Borland Delphi, Kylix, C++ Builder. VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase ASE provides direct access to Sybase ASE and allows you to avoid Borland Database Engine (BDE), ODBC, ADO. Key features: - High-performance - Native access to Sybase ASE - Compatibility with standard and third-party data-aware controls and components - Easy installation and distribution - Minimized driver size and use of system resources - Cross-platform support via Borland CLX for Windows and Linux - Free support for registered users - "Per developer" license without royalty fee Compatibility: - Delphi 6 - Delphi 7.1 - Delphi for .Net 8 - C++ Builder 6.0 - Kylix 2 - Kylix 3 - Sybase ASE 11.0 - Sybase ASE 11.5 - Sybase ASE 12.0 - Sybase ASE 12.5 Download VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase ASE at: The Trial version can be used for evaluation purposes only. You can use it for 30 days and not more than 1000 queries for all connections in your application. Need more information? Please visit our site:

visoco software dbexpress driverforsybase borland unidirectional datasets database isqldriver isqlconnection isqlcommandisqlcursori


EasyStructure is a tool to analysis C source files and display the structure of the source code in a hierarchical tree view. Once the source has been parsed the tree view can be browsed to gain an understanding of the code. A tree node may be expanded so as to show any contained statements of various types (e.g. jump type, return type). When parsed the source may be reformatted (beautified) according to the many options.

c source analysis structure reformat beautifier display structure source code browsable hierarchical tree view

Kairon 3

Mac OS X 10.3+ Astrology Calculation Software (ger, eng) SwissEphemeris, ACS Atlas (9.000/252.000 locations) files: pdf,eps,tif,aaf,txt,rtf topocentric, geocentric, heliocentric, tropical, sidereal (21 Anayamsas), 19 aspects, over 11400 asteroids, over 300 arabic points 14 house systems, multiple fonts synastry, composite, combine, overlay charts, transits, harmonics, progressions, directions, return charts, planetars, eclypses, lunar occultations

apple mac os x 10-3 astrology software shareware swissephemeris acs atlas aaf cocoa sidereal anayamsa koch placidus

Magic Screensaver Master

Magic Screensaver Master is a program that can manage your screensaver behaviour. Just by positioning your mouse to a specific area on the screen (e.g. upper right corner) you can start your screensaver, disable screensaver, turn off monitor, log off, restart computer, or shut down the computer. User can customize the activation field (mouse sensitivity for actions) and the delay before each ection is launched.

screensaver desktop start disable monitor screen mouse move set corner kill close restart shut down

African Animals

Forget the time and expense of an African safari. Use this versatile screen-saver engine which rotates 20 photos of beautiful African animals with artistic borders accompanied by an optional soundtrack of MIDI-based tunes. Features include your choice of up to 23 transition effects, Microsoft Plus! support, the option to show images full-screen or at original size, plus the ability to set the delay between slide changes

safari african animals wild nature slideshows beautiful nexusmedia enjoy african safari right desktop beautiful


With the intuitive surface the user have access to different media, e.g. to 400 more as TV- and radiostations, more as 130 Webcam servers, more as 80 direct newspaper, more as 200 Musicvideo's and many more. onlineTV let you record the stream to mp3. With the onlineTV Toolbar you have at any time access to all onlineTV entries directly from the InterNet and Windows Explorer. So you can play your favourite transmitter with few mouse clicks ...

webradio onlineradio live streaming explorer-toolbar onlinetv ist easiest way hear view record tv radiostreams

Ultimate Date Calculator

Heavy-duty date calculator for business, government & professional use. Calculate interval between two or more dates with option to skip defined days. Add days months and years. Perpetual calendar. Chronologies even across time zones. Collate recurring dates e.g. pay and loan repayments. Calculate plans & schedules with reusable templates. Pro-rata accounts automatically. Display person's age and star sign. Julian date conversions. Saves to file.

due date calculator date calculator julian free math perpetual calendar pro-rata chronology lawyer business government schedule case plan professional

POP3 Cleaner PRO

A powerful manual/automatic mailbox cleaning utility with anti-spam capabilities for Windows. You can preview and delete unwanted e-mail messages directly from the mail server and retrieve the rest with your e-mail client (e.g. MS Outlook). Every message is shown with its sender's address, subject, size and the date it was received. POP3 Cleaner PRO can also run fully automated on the system tray and act as a powerful anti-spam filter.

antispam anti-spam anti spam e-mail mail filter filtering pop3 mailbox cleaning cleaner windows powerful

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