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APS Accounting and stock control

Advanced Accounting Program Solution Unlimited Companies Unlimited Financial Year Automaticaly Transfer EndingBalance to NewYear openingBalance. Easy manipulating your data by using a Visual Account tree . Exporting reports to Excel General Vouchers Reciept&Payment Vouchers. Trial Balance TAccounts Profit&Loss BalanceSheet Advanced Stock Control Program Solution Descriped Items . All kind of transactions (Stores,purchase,damaged,sales,sales return, purchase return and reserved) Linked to Accounts General Accounts & Stock Control Features Multilingual ,Arabic and English Interfaces and reports in the same application. Remarkable Report builder (using SQL92) to build any Query report withing couple minutes , you can also save it to become part of your application reports menu. . Exporting the custom reports you create to Excel. Data Maintenance Manager to mainatin your indexes by your self , simply pull down menu and click. . Backup and Restore utility to save your data from damage. . password manager with a securtiy level adjustments . Calculator for simple calculations to your accounts & Stock. Download Upgrade versions through the internet. Easy to customize the color of the screens to fit your needs. You can use ASPS as a separate or as an integration System with AAPS to have a very powerful and complete Accounting and Stock Control solution for your compnay. Compatible with all Windows versions (98,mel and xp) .

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MZL & Novatech Traffic Statistics Linux Server

MZL & Novatech Traffic Statistics Linux Server delivers network usage data for Linux gateways. It generates from libpcap IP data record files containing network usage information in bytes broken down by host and service with a minute precision. The included report server then allows a client (on Windows) to generate IP traffic reports broken down by hosts and service. These are the binaries for Linux like Redhat 9, Suse 9 or Debian Sarge.

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AlarIT Virtual Serial Driver (AVSD)

AlarIT Virtual Serial Driver is appointed for emulation of one, two or more (up to 200) serial streams. Hardware devices are not necessary. This product is based on Windows XP DDK and doesn't require using devices of other manufacturers. The whole product is created with the help of Microsoft tooling.

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Merge Cells Wizard

Merge Cells Wizard is an add-in that joins cells values. Use Merge Cells Wizard each time you need to place values from several cells to one cell or when you need to join several cells preserving the values of these cells. It allows you to join the selected cells in one cell, row by row or column by column using some separator. You can clear the cells the values from which have been joined or merge all areas in the selection.

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EZ Photo Renamer

Rename digital photo files (eg DSC00001.jpg) generated by digital cameras. New file names can include same prefix, counters and creationg date. It's a must-have software to organize your digital photo files. Main features: Extract date info from EXIF with image files Batch-rename names of photo files Preview photo files and renamed file names Automatically insert file creation date into file names Custom counter Copy photo files and rename them in a different folder

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HyperCoder Blitz Edition

HyperCoder - BlitzBasic Edition; an advanced programmers editor designed to streamline your work flow, from project management, tasks lists, quick jump function and labels lists to multiple file format support. HyperCoder is a feature rich syntax highlighting editor Sporting colour coding for BlitzBasic

solid available beta file lists advanced programmers languages blitzbasic as editor project management hypercoder

Adds for Outlook

Adds for Outlook is a plug-in component for Microsoft Outlook. This is a collection of small improvements. You can use Outlook as an alarm clock. But if you exit it by mistake alarm will not work. Adds for Outlook allows prevent Outlook from exiting. Instead it hides Outlook and sets an Outlook icon into the systray. So Outlook is always at hand and no alarm messages will be lost. Welcome to home site for more details.

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Jigsaw Blocks

Jigsaw Blocks is simple to learn yet challenging. Slide rows and columns to reconstruct various images. Increase the number of blocks and increase the challenge.

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