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APS Accounting and stock control

Advanced Accounting Program Solution Unlimited Companies Unlimited Financial Year Automaticaly Transfer EndingBalance to NewYear openingBalance. Easy manipulating your data by using a Visual Account tree . Exporting reports to Excel General Vouchers Reciept&Payment Vouchers. Trial Balance TAccounts Profit&Loss BalanceSheet Advanced Stock Control Program Solution Descriped Items . All kind of transactions (Stores,purchase,damaged,sales,sales return, purchase return and reserved) Linked to Accounts General Accounts & Stock Control Features Multilingual ,Arabic and English Interfaces and reports in the same application. Remarkable Report builder (using SQL92) to build any Query report withing couple minutes , you can also save it to become part of your application reports menu. . Exporting the custom reports you create to Excel. Data Maintenance Manager to mainatin your indexes by your self , simply pull down menu and click. . Backup and Restore utility to save your data from damage. . password manager with a securtiy level adjustments . Calculator for simple calculations to your accounts & Stock. Download Upgrade versions through the internet. Easy to customize the color of the screens to fit your needs. You can use ASPS as a separate or as an integration System with AAPS to have a very powerful and complete Accounting and Stock Control solution for your compnay. Compatible with all Windows versions (98,mel and xp) .

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Live 3D Waterfalls Screensaver

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Create sophisticated interactive multimedia applications without any complicated programming. MaxMedia is a multimedia authoring system that allows you to combine graphic, image, photos, text, sounds, MP3, video, flash, animation, html and other elements to create: presentations, kiosks, catalogs, cd-cards, photo albums, games, e-cards, e-books, educational materials (CBT), screen savers, interactive CDs and more.

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PC Guard for Win32

PC Guard for Win32 V5 is a professional software protection and licensing system. With PC Guard for Win32 you can easily protect Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP 32bit EXE/DLL/OCX... applications from illegal distribution and reverse engineering. Even more, you don't need any source code editing or programming experience for this. Everything is fully automatic!

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WebCam Streamer

Having your own streaming video on the Internet has never been easier!. WebCam Streamer allows you to stream video from any Webcam, or other video capturing device. Tight integration with Broadcast Builder allows you to include streaming video into your Blogs or RSS newsfeeds. Technology like this will enhance your site, Blog or RSS feed considerably and will make it stand out from the competition.

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F-Secure Internet Security 2003

F-Secure Internet Security 2003 protects your PC against viruses and Internet attacks. This award-winning product includes easy-to-use antivirus and firewall softwares. Especially for home users and small offices without dedicated IT-staff, F-Secure Internet Security 2003 provides maintenance-free, easy-to-use protection against viruses and hackers. Automatically updated over the Internet. You can safely read your e-mail and surf the Internet.

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StartUp Juggler

StartUp Juggler helps you handle problems with programs that are automatically launched at startup by listing them and letting you disable, enable, or delete them. You can save the list of programs that are currently enabled or disabled as a profile that can be restored at a later time.

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This herbal software describes herbs and herbal actions of over 460 plants. Look up the equivalent botanical name of a herb in English, German, French, Chinese, Sanskrit (Ayurvedic). Herbal actions list various references including the "German Commission E Monographs". Poisonous herbs carry a warning and known side-effects are listed. MDB is included with the herbal software. It enables you to add your own entries, to delete and print. Sample photo of the picture browser is included and more can be downloaded with registration.

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